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HR3290 CS Marlin Wireless

Handheld Scanners

Newland’s HR3290 CS combines the convenience of a portable wireless device with excellent 1D and 2D barcode scanning and ZigBee networking capabilities.

1D & 2D
1.2M drop
Dual Interface
2200 mAh
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HR3290-CS 2D CMOS ZigBee Wireless Handheld Reader (black surface) based on 0390 Chip, read PDF/Datamatrix/QR. With Docking station and 2 mtr. USB cable, (Marlin)

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Portable convenience with ZigBee.
The HR3290 CS Marlin is a cordless 2D handheld scanner that gives you the ability to roam more than 50 m away from its cradle. The device uses ZigBee technology to transform a docking station into a router. Each router adds 50 meters extra range, up to 3 routings possible per docking station.

Easy to carry around.
At just 252 grams, the HR3290 CS scanner is lightweight and easy to carry around, allowing for a wide variety of applications and user settings.

Worry-free durable design.
The HR3290 CS Marlin was created with heavy use and demanding environments in mind. With a sealing of IP54, the device is protected against dust and moisture and a drop resistance of 1.2m means it can withstand everyday drops and bumps. Additionally the scanner is equipped with ergonomic form with anti-slip handle and ruggedized head, making usage comfortable and worry-free.

Efficient and affordable.
Do not compromise power and efficiency for low cost. This versatile handheld scanner provides excellent value for money, scanning both 1D and 2D barcodes effortlessly.

Application scenarios.
Point of sale/retail, warehouse, Inventory management, express delivery services, food traceability, electricity meter reading, inventory counting and healthcare.

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