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Catching Codes: Travel

Introducing our newest online series, Catching Codes! Over the following months, we will focus on where you can catch our devices in specific industries.

What's there to catch?

Join us this August through the world of travel.

August: Travel

Catching codes cruise ship success story

Time-saving devices mean more time for a vacation.

Did you know our Micro Kiosk scanners are used on Cruise ships? Over 350 units of our NQuire 750 have been installed on cruise ships for customer service purposes. From self-check-in to ordering meals, Newland’s micro kiosks ensure guests make the most of their time on board!

Heading to the airport? Catch us here!

Have you ever noticed how many scanning solutions you can find on the way to your vacation destination? You’d be surprised! Walk with Newland through the airport and count all the touchpoints!

Unbox the FR27 Urchin

Hitting the road for the summer travel? Make sure you don't miss out on redeeming loyalty with Newland's FR27 Urchin. See what's in the box!

Catching Codes travel gas station

Gas up!

Pulling off to fuel up? Don't forget the snacks and check out with the HR52 Bonito Series.