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A Mobile Evolution: MT90 Orca II & MT65 Beluga IV

Our best-selling Mobile Computer series, the MT90 Orca and MT65 Beluga, now bring the best within hands reach as our next generation Android devices. The MT90 Orca II and the MT65 Beluga IV build on their strengths with many exciting upgrades.  The key phrase being: evolution not revolution. Highly-anticipated GMS features, Android 8 OS  and enhanced Bluetooth connectivity have been added to their familiar designs. All while offering the trusted service, support and accessories needed to hit your mobile scanning targets. Viva la evolution!

Internal Evolution.

Like their predecessors, the MT90 Orca II and MT65 Beluga IV combine powerful megapixel scanning with mobile must-haves, such as: 4G, voice communication, dual-band WiFi, GPS and NFC.  But what makes these best-sellers even better? For this, we need to have a closer look inside. 

Google Mobile Services.

To start, both devices now give you the option of Google Mobile Services (GMS). GMS allows you to run a wide variety of Google applications like Google Maps, Gmail and Google Play Store. If there’s no need for these services, you can also opt for a clean Android OS for smooth, single task requirements. In addition, the Orca II and Beluga IV feature an upgraded Android 8.1 operating system, which syncs perfectly with these GMS services. Together with the updated Bluetooth 4.1 technology, both mobile computers pack all features on board to keep you connected and moving. 

Mobile Device Management.

Ready to take these enhanced devices to town? Improved connectivity and mobility asks for helpful tools to keep control of your devices in the field. That’s why the Orca II and Beluga IV can be easily paired with a wide range of mobile device management softwares. Both mobile computers already come pre-installed with Ndevor, our very own device management software. This tool, exclusively designed by and for Newland, helps you take control of your in-field devices. The Android devices also sync easily with other popular MDM tools, such as SOTI. 

Two devices. Always a design that's right for you.

With all that’s been upgraded internally, there is no need to be out of touch with the actual designs. The MT90 Orca II and MT65 Beluga IV have both kept the exact same appearance that many have come to know and love. Whether it’s the Orca’s intuitive full-touch design or the Beluga’s physical keyboard for industrial scanning, you can continue to match your mobile computer to your industry needs.

All this can now be altered to perfection, with tailor-made accessories and ergonomics for both series. Besides its standard accessories, the MT90 Orca II offers an abundance of optional accessories that suit a wide range of applications. This includes various pistol grips, holsters and the BS10R Sepia companion ring scanner. The ergonomic design of the Beluga IV remains to prove its worth for industrial situations. The Beluga's scan angle & hybrid keypad are perfected for high-volume scanning in rugged environments. This empowers you to tailor your Android mobile solution and find the device that's right for you!

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