This product is discontinued per 8 Sep 2018. Click here for more information.

Published on: March 8, 2018

The following products will be discontinued at set date due to outdated technology and introduction of newer and better alternative products.

EOL Date: product discontinuation date, the last day of accepting order for this product

EOM Date: service & support discontinuation date, the last day of providing software upgrade, parts & repair service for this product.

NQuire 200 product discontinuation date

Model Description EOL date EOM date
NQuire231P-C Customer information terminal/CCD engine + POE 08/09/2018 09/08/2023
NQuire231RW-C ustomer information terminal.Touch screen, 1D CCD engine + LAN/WiFi 802.11b/g 08/09/2018 09/08/2023
NQuire232P-C Customer information terminal.Touch screen 2D CMOS engine + LAN/POE 08/09/2018 09/08/2023
NQuire232PRW-C Customer information terminal.Touch screen 2D CMOS engine + LAN/WiFi 802.11b/g 08/09/2018 09/08/2023
NQuire232M1P-C Customer information terminal. Touch screen 2D CMOS engine + RFID + LAN/POE and DESFIRE 08/09/2018 27/08/2018

NQuire 200 Recommendation of Alternative Product

We suggest NQuire200 customers to migrate their applications to compatible NQuire300 which has the similar form factor and better performance than NQuire200. The software applications are compatible and need not be re-programmed. Please refer to our technical support.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding these changes, please contact your account -or regional manager.

NQuire 200

Micro Kiosks


The NQuire 200 customer information terminal can read all global standard 1D barcode symbols as well as major 2D codes. It can be easily installed everywhere and customers can use it for convenient information checking service.

The NQuire 200 customer information terminal is designed to read/scan, inform and interact with your customer.

It is excellent for communicating prices, product information and loyalty points.

This small and attractive information terminal reads multiple data carriers; from 1D EAN/UPC barcodes to complex 2D barcodes of mobile phone displays.

I/O Ctrl


Suggested industries:

Point of Sale
Access Control
Data Collection.
Through a 1D CCD or 1D/2D image engine.
Designer and ergonomic Information Terminal which can be used as, e.g. a Price Verfier / Checker or Access Control terminal.
Data Transmission.
Transmit data through Ethernet, WiFi or GPRS.
Great Environment adaption.
Because of its small size and the VESA 75 mountability, it can be installed virtually anywhere in a store or office.
External device connections.
The external USB and GPIO ports enable the possibilities to attach a Newland hand held scanner for scanning bulky objects or to connect a Relay for controlling an entry/exit gate or door lock.
Power Supply.
Charged through power adapter or Power-over-Ethernet.
Advanced Technology.
Includes core-technology UIMG, which is independently designed and manufactured by Newland Auto-ID. technology includes the optical, CMOS, digitizer, decoder, image processing & embedded systems.

Technical specifications

OptionalCharging & communication cradle
Warranty2 years


Foldable desktop stand

NQuire foldable desktop stand

VESA magnetic shelf stand

VESA magnetic shelf stand

|VESA wall mount|

VESA wall mount

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