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The N5000 comes with Newland’s patented barcode scanner technology

The N5000 is part of the first series of Android mobile cumputers by Newland. It is powered by world’s smallest 2D scanning module (by Newland), making the device elegant, compact and light. The modern design is inspired by a consumer look and feel, but built for professional use. The N5000’s 5.0″ high definition display in daylight viewable color.

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Field Workforce
Powered by a Newland scanning module
The N5000 is armed with Newland’s smallest 2D scanning engine, allowing for seamless integration in the smartphone form factor.
First time everytime barcode scanning.
The N5000 comes with Newland’s patented barcode scanner technology, allowing for 1D and 2D scanning at a remarkably high speed. Laser aiming provides additional accuracy and control.
High quality display.
The device supports a 5.0” high definition display in daylight viewable color.
Effective in both light and dark conditions.
Automatically adjusted illumination guarantees an excellent scanning performance no matter what the lighting conditions are.
High quality PCAP Touch.
The N5000 supports both dry and moist hands, as well as gloved fingertip touch input.
Detachable boot.
Each product is supplied with rugged detachable boot.

Technical specifications



HS105 Holster


MC105 Metal clip for holster


MS105 Mounting strap for holster


NS105 Neck strap for holster


PT105 Protection tab for holster


RC105 Rotating clip for holster


BT105 Belt

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