MT65 Beluga IV (WiFi only)

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redefine mobility and productivity with the mt65 beluga lV mobile computer

This Android Mobile Computer line has always offered a solid performance and the third incarnation pushes it even further. Highlights of the new device are that it is now equipped with a 2D megapixel barcode scanner and Android 8.1 operating system. Additionally, it supports Bluetooth, Dual band Wi-Fi, making communication with other devices both quick and easy. The rugged housing of the MT65 Beluga IV is sealed to IP65 standards for protection against dust and water and withstands 1.2m drops to concrete. Accessories like a pistol grip and charging cradle are available.

The MT65 Beluga IV is a reliable solution for various applications including logistics, express delivery services, warehouse management, retail chains, food traceability, healthcare, distributor management, manufacturing, electricity meter reading and inventory counting.

4.0" Color screen
1.2M Drop
WIFI Dual band
13.56Mhz HF RFID
Laser aimer
Touch screen
Micro SD
3800 mAh

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Suggested industries:

Megapixel barcode scanner.
Armed with Newland's fifth generation of UIMG technology 2D megapixel barcode reader, the MT65 Beluga IV has an excellent scanning performance. The higher resolution means even small barcodes can be read from a longer distance. That means it is now easier to scan a barcode on a shelf or on a box on the ground without needing to get the mobile computer closer.
Android 8.1 Oreo OS.
The Android OS of the MT65 Beluga IV ensures near endless application possibilities. It gives you the data security and admin tools you need for control and complete peace-of-mind.
Rugged construction.
The MT65 Beluga IV is sealed to IP65 standards for protection against dust and water and withstands 1.2m drops to concrete.
Extended battery life.
The MT65 Beluga IV provides up to 10 hours of battery life, so it is sure to last a full shift for average applications. Is your application more intensive? A replaceable battery and charging cradle with extra battery slot ensure employees can easily switch it out and continue scanning.
Buckets MDM software included.
Each MT65 Beluga IV includes Newland's mobile device management software: Buckets. Buckets enables you to control all units in the field, allowing you to quickly push updates and changes, to send messages and to keep track of all devices from a single location.
Optional Accessories.
Pistol grip, charging & communication cradle, multi charger, holster.
Current models released.
MT6552-2WO-C (with cradle) MT6552-2WO (without cradle)

Technical specifications


HS105 Holster


HS106 Holster for pistol grip


MC105 Metal clip for holster


MS105 Mounting strap for holster


NS105 Neck strap for holster


PT105 Protection tab for holster


RC105 Rotating clip for holster

MT65 Beluga 3 charging cradle

MT65 Cradle


MT65 Leather Holster

MT65 Beluga 3 pistol grip

MT65 Pistol Grip


BT105 Belt

CD6550-4C 4 slot battery charger

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