HR52 Bonito BT (Logistics Edition)

Handheld scanners

perfect for when durability and flexibility are key.

Giving it one of the quickest and most accurate scanning performances available, the HR52 Bonito includes a megapixel barcode scanner that reads both 1D and 2D codes with ease. Barcodes that are creased, damaged or covered by cellophane are no problem for this scan engine. Prepared for tough environments, the HR52 Bonito is ready for your warehouse.

1.8M Drop
2200 mAh

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Unstoppable scanning performance.
Scan virtually any 1D or 2D barcode in any condition. The HR52 Bonito is equipped with a megapixel barcode scanner, which gives it some of the snappiest and most accurate scanning performances available. Its engine allows it to scan barcodes that are creased, damaged or covered by cellophane without hesitation.
Perfected for precise aiming.
Soft, white illumination combined with a clear cross laser aimer provide ideal conditions for point-and-shoot scanning. One press of the trigger is sure to capture the correct barcode, even if surrounded by other barcodes, by using Newland’s Acuscan aiming technology.
Adjusts to your environment.
No matter where the scanner needs to fit into your business, the HR52 Bonito suits the setting. Its stand can be set for hands-free scanning, while keeping the device fully charged. On your plant floor or in your warehouse, it can be mounted vertically, horizontally or strung from the ceiling for easy access.
Durable design.
Everyday bumps and drops happen, especially in tough environments like a warehouse or manufacturing plant. That’s why the HR52 Bonito is designed to withstand the most demanding operations and environments. A 1.8m drop resistance means it will survive fall from most machinery.
Maximised mobility.
Bluetooth 5.0 ensures ultrafast wireless communication with a docking station or other device (HID level). The strong, reliable connection of up to 50m offers all-day flexibility on the work floor.

Technical specifications

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