This product is discontinued per 13 Nov 2018. Click here for more information.

Published on: June 13, 2018

The following products will be discontinued at set date due to outdated technology and introduction of newer and better alternative products.

EOL Date: product discontinuation date, the last day of accepting order for this product

EOM Date: service & support discontinuation date, the last day of providing software upgrade, parts & repair service for this product.

HR3290 Marlin corded product discontinuation date

Model Description EOL date EOM date
HR3290-S5 2D CMOS Handheld Reader (black surface) with 3 mtr. coiled USB cable, based on 0390 Chip read PDF/Datamatrix/QR (Marlin) 13/11/2018 27/08/2018
HR3290-S8 2D CMOS Handheld Reader (black surface) with RS232 cable and multiplug adapter. Based on 0390 decoder chip. Reads PDF/Data matrix/QR. Autosense, smart stand ready. 13/11/2018 27/08/2018
HR3290-SF 2D CMOS Handheld Reader (black surface) with 3 mtr. coiled USB cable, autosense, incl. foldable smart stand. Based on 0390 decoder chip, read PDF/Data matrix/QR (SET) (Marlin) 13/11/2018 27/08/2018

HR3290 Marlin corded Recommendation of Alternative Product

We suggest HR3290 customers to migrate their applications to compatible HR3280 which has the similar form factor as HR3290 but with better performance than HR3290.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding these changes, please contact your account -or regional manager.

HR3290 Marlin corded

Handheld scanners

A modern design makes sure this scanner looks great on any countertop

The HR3290 Marlin corded 1D/2D barcode scanner is a perfect balance of good quality and price. It was designed to be robust and rugged, making the device extra durable. With a sealing of IP54, the scanner is protected from any dust or moisture. Moreover, with a 1.5 M drop resistance, there is no need to worry about everyday drops and bumps.

HR3290 Marlin is equipped with one of Newland’s improved OEM scanning engines, which is capable of reading any type of barcode, even when it is damaged, covered with protective film, or displayed on a mobile phone screen at its lowest brightness level.

To keep the device conveniently close at hand, use the HR32 handheld scanner stand.

1.5M Drop


Suggested industries:

Point of Sale
Efficient and Affordable.
Do not compromise power and efficiency for low cost. This versatile handheld scanner provides excellent value for money, scanning both 1D and 2D barcodes effortlessly.
Durable Construction.
The HR3290 Marlin was created with use in harsh and demanding environments in mind. With a sealing of IP54, the device is protected against dust and moisture and a drop resistance of 1.5m means it can withstand everyday drops and bumps.
Excellent Ergonomics.
A modern design makes sure this scanner looks great on any countertop. The device is created to fit comfortably in the hand, making all day scanning effortless.
Scanning from screen.
On-screen barcodes are no match for the HR3290 Marlin. The device delivers an unmatched reading performance for various online to offline (O2O) applications. Including situations in which the screen is covered with protective film or set to its lowest brightness level.
Application scenarios.
Point of sale/retail, warehouse, inventory management, express delivery services, food traceability, electricity meter reading, inventory counting and healthcare.

Technical specifications

Device Management
SoftwareEasySet (configuration)
Warranty5 years

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