This product is discontinued per 15 Jun 2019. Click here for more information.

Published on: January 18, 2019

The following products will be discontinued at set dates due to low demand, having better alternatives or outdated technology.

EOL Date: product discontinuation date, the last day of accepting order for this product

EOM Date: service & support discontinuation date, the last day of providing software upgrade, parts & repair service for this product.

HR21 Lotta product discontinuation date

Model Description EOL date EOM date
HR2160-S0 2D CMOS Handheld Reader (black surface), USB cable. Based on 0390 decoder Chip, read PDF/Datamatrix/QR (Lotta) 15/06/2019 15/06/2024
HR2160-SF 2D CMOS Handheld Reader (black surface), USB cable. Based on 0390 decoder Chip, read PDF/Datamatrix/QR incl. foldable stand (Lotta) 15/06/2019 15/06/2019

HR21 Lotta Recommendation of Alternative Product

The upgraded product is – HR20 Panga (only for Eastern Europe, MEA, Turkey & Iran), which has a better performance, and black housing. For EMEA customers, please refer to HR22 Dorada.

HR21 Lotta

Handheld scanners

1.2M Drop


Suggested industries:

Cost-effective Solution.
The HR21 Lotta provides a cost-effective data capture solution that allows customers to enjoy the capabilities of a 2D barcode scanner for the price of a 1D barcode scanner.
Elegant Appearance.
Blending ergonomics and aesthetics in its design, the HR21 Lotta not only ensures operator comfort and productivity for intensive handheld scanning, but also meets the aesthetic needs of the 020 era.
Enhanced Performance.
Equipped with Newland’s third-generation decoder chip, the HR21 Lotta can effortlessly capture high-density, high-volume and distorted barcodes printed on paper or displayed on screen.
Durable Construction.
The HR21 Lotta, built into an IP42-sealed and drop resistant (1.2 M) housing with no moving parts, fortifies itself inside and out.

Technical specifications

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