HR1060 Sardina

Handheld Scanners

the HR1060 Sardina scans virtually all linear barcodes with ease

Only available for Eastern Europe, MEA, Turkey & Iran.

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Delivers outstanding value.
Designed as an entry-level 1D barcode scanner, the HR1060 Sardina provides excellent value for everyday use. The device is easy and comfortable to use and can stand up to everyday drops and bumps, making it a reliable investment.
Reduces the need for training.
Intuitive to use, the HR1060 Sardina requires little to no set up or training. From the moment the device is taken out of the box, employees can comfortably use the device all day due to its light design, speed and simplicity. It is equipped with a fast and accurate Newland 1D scanning engine. The result? Aggressive linear barcode reading that eliminates delays in scan-intensive applications.
Built for the task at hand.
From barcodes printed on paper to barcodes displayed on a smartphone screen, the HR1060 Sardina scans virtually all linear barcodes with ease. Its ability to read barcodes from a distance improves worker comfort when scanning larger boxes or out-of-reach products in a cart.
Foldable stand available.
A foldable stand is available either as an accessory or as a set that includes both the scanner and stand.
Application scenarios.
Retail chains, office automation, mail/parcel sorting, distribution.

Technical specifications


HR30 stand black|Foldable stand black

Foldable stand black

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