OEM Scan Engines

the engine is easy to integrate and ideal for portable scanning devices

The EM1365-LD OEM scan engine can be integrated into various OEM devices including kiosks, ticket validators and PDAs. Due to its lightweight, solid state build and low power consumption the engine is easy to integrate and ideal for portable scanning devices. The EM1365’s core technology UIMG is independently developed by Newland, comprising optical system, digitizer, decoder, image processor and embedded system. The device demonstrates an unprecedented decoding capability on all mainstream 1D symbologies.

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Suggested industries:

Two-In-One Design.
Seamless integration of imager and decoder board makes the scan engine small, lightweight and easy to integrate.
Superior performance.
The NLS-EM1365-LD delivers fast and accurate reading of 1D barcodes.
Low power consumption.
The scan engine provides an optimal solution for battery-operated equipments and mobile devices.
Easy to use.
Includes extensive documentation and simple parameter configuration for fast hassle-free integration.
Application scenarios.
Designed for OEM applications, this high performance CCD scan engine can easily be integrated into various solutions such as kiosks, ticketing machines, PDA’s and many more

Technical specifications

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