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Newland takes David Craggs on Board as Area Manager UK & Ireland

06.06.2018 Company

When barcode scanner manufacturer Newland EMEA first set foot on British soil back in 2013, the company was already showing a lot of promise. They entered the UK and Irish market with the help of English firm Barcode Connexions. A close cooperation followed. Since then, Barcode Connexions (who remain a Newland partner) has represented Newland UK and built a strong and trusted name.

Today, Newland EMEA announced that they will be taking the next step. After several years of cooperation, they will now have an official Newland UK team on the ground. Taking the lead in this is David Craggs, who is starting with Newland as Area Manager UK & Ireland this June.


David takes on a new role for Newland, but he is far from a new face in the industry. He began his career in AIDC 15 years ago and has built up a large network throughout the UK and Ireland since. As the former Barcode Connexions Sales Manager, David also worked closely with the Newland team over the last few years. He played a key role in the local positioning of the brand, establishing new partnerships and building strong relationships. As a result, Newland devices can now be found all over the region. This includes names like cosmetics retailer Lush, Müller Wiseman, Johnson & Johnson and GSK, as well as pharmacies all across the UK.

“Having spent the last few years helping create a solid foundation for Newland, I feel very fortunate to be given the opportunity to continue my growth in parallel with Newland in the UK. I’ve worked for and with some amazing people in this industry and I’m looking forward to working with some more,” says David. “Knowing the products is easy, believing in them and showing enthusiasm for them is the real key.”

No doubt about it, David has everything needed to further expand Newland in the UK. As one of the leading tech hubs in Europe, expectations are high and Newland’s devices are sure to make an impact.

The Newland UK office will soon be opening in the London area.

Welcome on board, David!

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