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OEM Scan Engines

The EM3090 OEM scan engine offers stunning performance on 1D and 2D barcodes. Featuring 1D barcode reading at an extraordinary scanning speed, the EM3090 provides the efficiency required to boost the productivity in any business.

1D & 2D
Dual Interface
LED aimer
2 years
Warranty 2 Years

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EM3090 2D CMOS scan engine with flex cable. TTL-232/USB interface (Based on Newland 0390 Decoder Chip read 1D/PDF/Datamatrix/QR)

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Unparalleled Barcode Reading Performance.
Improve speed and productivity with the EM3090. The engine scans 1D and 2D barcodes without delay and with a particularly exceptional performance in linear barcode reading. Through optimized design and Newland’s sixth generation UIMG technology the EM3090 allows for first time every time scanning, even when a barcode is damaged or displayed on a screen set to its lowest brightness level.

The EM3090 supports USB and TTL-232 interfaces to meet diverse customer needs.

Compact and Lightweight.
With seamless integration of the image sensor and decoder board, this compact and lightweight engine can be easily integrated into the most space-constrained devices, including handheld scanners, self-service kiosks, ATMs, lottery terminals and more.

Low Power Consumption.
The advanced NLDC technology incorporated in the EM3090 helps reduce the power consumption and prolong the service life of the device.

Application Scenarios.
Self-service cabinets used in e-commerce, express delivery services and smart homes, ATMs, kiosks, queue machines, lottery terminals, certificate makers and more.

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