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Tried and Tested: NQuire Tough Tab 8″

18.08.2017 Products

Ever since it’s launch in late 2016, the words “Built to resist. No matter what.” have been widely used to promote Newland EMEA’s NQuire Tough Tab 8″. And for good reason. The portable Windows tablet has an 8” multi-touch display crafted from Corning® Gorilla® Glass to provide best-in-class screen protection for every environment. The IP-67 rated tablet can withstand submersion in water, dusty environments and has been rigorously drop-tested onto both steel and cement floors.

Newland distributor Pluriservice (Italy) decided to put the numbers to the test. So how does the NQuire Tough Tab 8″ hold up in water?

About the NQuire Tough Tab 8″

With the NQuire Tough Tab 8″, Newland EMEA set the standard for business-ready tough tablets. The ultra-rugged tablet with built-in 2D barcode scanner is designed to be used in a variety of extreme environments, making it the perfect tablet to withstand everything that your business can throw at it. With its remarkably low price, reliable design, and elaborate array of features, the device offers extraordinary value for money.

Powered by a 64-bit Quad-Core Intel. processor and Windows 10 Pro, the NQuire Tough Tab 8” brings seamless integration into your business systems whilst remaining a viable budget-conscious solution. The tablet has been designed specifically to enhance the efficiency of your business workforce and to mobilize your teams, making sure you can keep in touch with the ever-evolving landscape that modern businesses operate in.

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