The FR4080 Koi II Features the First Presentation Scanner with a Megapixel Camera


Say hello to Newland’s newest device, the FR4080 Koi II. The FR4080 Koi II replaces both the FR4050 Koi and the FR4060 Akame as their new and improved presentation scanner. Perhaps the most significant change being the new megapixel barcode scanner, making it the first megapixel presentation scanner on the market.

The Rise of Emerging Technologies in Retail

Emerging technologies have changed the way consumers interact with their favourite brands, causing the rise of experiential retail and multi-channel retail. The trend has been driven largely by millennials and their preference for experiences over things. This has led to a surge of store remodelling, mobile apps and smart IoT solutions. So, how do you keep up? That’s where the FR4080 Koi II steps in.

Designed to Enhance the Customer Experience

The FR4080 Koi II was designed as an on-counter solution that caters to employee and customer facing applications alike. Its megapixel scanner equips it to read 1D and 2D barcodes, including Aztec and high density barcodes, in a way that’s unmatched among its peers.

Previously, presentation scanners were unable to read codes from both paper and screens equally without affecting the hardware. Now, with a switch to toggle between paper and screen mode, the FR4080 Koi II suits both. This puts it at the forefront of flexibility when it comes to supporting scanning for mobile applications. Additionally, it ensures frictionless scanning by inexperienced customers and it suits any form of paper scanning.

The Key is in the Design

When it comes to presentation scanners, especially on your counter, the right physical design is key. While facing outwards, the scanner should not draw unnecessary attention. The FR4080 Koi II has a 10° angle and soft illumination that guarantees comfort for both employees and customers. A further IR sensor enables the powerhouse scanner to capture any barcode presented quickly and keep illumination short and subtle.

Learn more about the new FR4080 Koi II here or get in touch with one of our local sales representatives.

Design & development: BuroBureaux