STCN recognizes Newland as one of the most valuable Chinese companies

30.08.2016 Company

STCN has released its 2016 list of the “Most valuable Chinese-listed companies” which ranks companies on their assets and market value in the Chinese domestic market. During a recent award ceremony at the Chinese Cross-border M&A Forum in Yangzhou City, China, Newland was featured as the 53rd position in the Top 100 Most Valuable Chinese-listed companies. Newland shares the top 100 with other giants in China, some of the top slots of the list being filled by Yunnan Paiyao, Vanke and Midea Group.

As a prominent news agency, STCN focusses on the Chinese domestic stock market. Their prestigious top 100 valuation of Chinese-listed companies is selected annually, with 2016 being the 10th anniversary of the list. It is Newland’s second year listed in the top 100. At the 53rd position, Newland is considered one of the benchmarks for the Chinese corporate market.

“For Newland EMEA, this ranking is a recognition of the strength and innovation of the Newland brand” says Peter Sliedrecht, CEO of Newland EMEA. “It clearly displays our position in the Chinese market, as well as the immense potential that exists on a global scale. We are truly proud to be a part of such a strong company group!”


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