Newland takes next steps in South Africa

29.10.2019 Company

Over the past few decades, South Africa has become one of the biggest and boldest economies in Africa. Newland first ventured into the market in 2015 with partner Tactile Technologies. 

Together, they have made great strides in barcode scanning across southern Africa. So much so, that towards the end of 2018, Newland South Africa was ready to stand on its own feet. Tactile Technologies took a step back. Now, a mere 6 months later, Newland feels it’s time to take their foothold in South Africa even further.

Q3 of 2019 rings in some major new milestones. Under the leadership of Roberto Schiavo, Newland’s VP Southern Europe & Africa, a full Newland SA team has been set up. Mr. Schiavo will be taking on the additional role of Sales Director South Africa. He will offer local support to the market along with 5 new colleagues. 

A Winning Team

Jonathan Hatton takes on the role of Business Development Manager. He looks after the Gauteng and KZN market from Newland’s Johannesburg office. Meagan Abrahams fulfills the role of account manager from Cape Town. Steve Attwell is Newland SA’s product manager and technical support in Durban, Olivia Anibal is in charge of all matters lead generation and marketing. Finally, Erin Paice will be responsible for customer services. Full profiles can be read below. 

The steps onto South African soil are further supported with a Newland Johannesburg office

“Newland ID is still leading the growth in China’s Auto-ID market.” says Roberto Schiavo. “Throughout the last 6 years, we consolidated our presence in EMEA. Now, the moment to be focused on South Africa has arrived. And so we decided to take a big jump into the country. I am pleased to have a strong structure with 5 team members, able to support local partners and create the needed business community to drive us into the future Auto ID market. There’s a new office space in Johannesburg, a real team of motivated, happy people working together and Newland’s technology. Combined, these ingredients give the opportunity to the South African Auto-ID community to do business differently; easy interaction, honesty and fast reaction are the key concepts I asked the team to hold high.”

While Newland SA will be going their own way, this by no means signifies a breaking with historical partner Tactile Technologies. Tactile will continue working closely with Newland as one of their South African distributors. 

New office address:

Bedfordview Office Park
Unit 17
3 Riley Road
South Africa

Newland's South Africa office from which a local team supports the barcode scanning market


Employee Profiles

Jonathan Hatton, Business Development Manager

Jonathan joined the Newland-ID SA team in September 2019 as a Business Development Manager. He is a highly skilled and dedicated individual with over 8 years’ experience in the mobility enterprise, supply chain, barcode scanning, labelling equipment, mobile development and field work. Jonathan has a technical background and moved into sales over the last couple of years.

Jonathan excels in the world of sales and expertly understands customer needs and requirements within the Auto-ID space.

Steve Attwell, Product Manager

Steve originally started his career in tech repair of various devices, including POS technology and printers. He has a background with Newland partner Tactile Technologies since 2017. Originally, he was the first employee to be based in the Kwa Zulu Natal branch, responsible for all technical support and repairs on various products. Through years of dedication, he grew to have a full understanding of the Auto-ID industry. He started working for Newland fully at the start of September, taking on the role of Product Manager.

Steve’s comprehensive background in tech helps him offer both Jonathan and Meagan the support needed to hit the nail on the head when it comes to product selection for the market.

Olivia Anibal, Group Lead Generator

Olivia’s sky-high motivation and strong communication skills make her a great addition to the team when it comes to customer interaction and lead generation. After working with Tactile Technologies for years, she developed a full understanding of the products and customers in the industry.

In her new role, Olivia spots and investigates sales leads and opportunities. She creates engagement strategies and offers the sales team additional support.

Meagan Abrahams, Coastal Sales

Meagan joined Newland’s SA team back in march 2019 as a sales representative for Coastal Sales. She started her career back in 2013, growing into sales admin and then moving on to service delivery management. Her experience gives her a full understanding of customer engagement and maintaining and growing relationships with end-users.

Meagan identifies, develops and manages the reseller channel.

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