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Newland’s NQuire 1000 Manta II Micro Kiosk: Everything you need to know

30.10.2018 Products

Today, we’ve officially taken the wrap off the NQuire 1000 Manta II, our new Android micro kiosk. Manta II brings you the best of Newland in a versatile tablet-size solution. The 10” device looks similar to the first model, but there are some notable changes.

Without further ado, this is everything you need to know about the NQuire 1000 Manta II!

A megapixel imager for snappy barcode scanning

The megapixel 2D imager with IR sensor makes your day-to-day barcode scanning simpler and easier. Due to its accurate reading, you can count on it to scan even difficult-to-read barcodes quickly.

At the bottom of the device, the barcode reader is now also positioned at a 20-degree angle. The new positioning makes scanning easier when the device is mounted onto a flat surface. No need for difficult maneuvering to line it up just right. Even when handling larger items, you just position the 1D or 2D code in the clearly visible and easy to reach scanning area. The new scan window position, combined with the snappy scanning performance of our EM2037-V4 2D megapixel imager brings a fast, intuitive and complete user experience for customer-facing applications.

Android 7.0 Nougat brings security, speed and versatility

The NQuire 1000 Manta II runs on Android 7.0 Nougat. This is a big step up from the pervious version, which ran on Android 5.1 Lollipop. Android mobile computers have taken off over the last few years, becoming the most popular operating system today. The OS offers a great platform for both end-users and developers alike. Nougat brings you not only much-improved battery life, but also additional security, speed and stability. To find out more about the advantages of this upgraded Android version for business users, read our article on the 5 features that improve your mobile experience.

Ready for the future of face recognition

One of the most future-forward trends in mobile computers is facial recognition. Perhaps best known to unlock your trusted smartphone, the technology is gradually popping up in more applications and more industries. Your physical appearance can now verify payments, grant access and improve security systems. The NQ1000 Manta II sports a front-facing camera to be ready for any settings that may require such an application.

Powered by updated hardware

On the hardware front, the NQ1000 Manta II has impressive internals in the form of an Octa-Core Cortex A53 CPU with up to 1.5GHz. Additionally, the WiFi has been upgraded to Dual Band IEEE 802.11 b/g/n/ac. The Android micro kiosk also features a possibility for voice confirmation, which can be especially useful for price checking applications.

Buckets MDM helps you manage your mobile devices

As with most of Newland’s Android devices, each NQ1000 Manta II has Buckets Mobile Device Management system preinstalled. Buckets offers a free way to keep track of all devices you have in the field and manage them from one central location.

If you’re interested in the NQ1000 Manta II for your business, read more here and get in touch with your local sales team or Newland partner. The device is in stock now.

Design & development: BuroBureaux