Newland’s FM3080 Hind Perfects Scanning Feedback

22.05.2019 Products

Looking for clear visual feedback each time you scan a barcode? Newland’s new FM3080 Hind, available in EMEA now, may just be the solution for you. This is the first time Newland has released a barcode scanner with full colored scanning confirmation, which makes scanning even more intuitive.

Perfected for customer scanning

Newland changed the game for scanning from screen with its FM30 series when it was first launched in 2017. Using the company’s own scanning tech, the line is perfected to detect barcodes displayed on any LCD screen. Low screen brightness, reflective lights, dark environments and inexperienced users are no challenge. 

The FM3080 Hind is the latest addition perfected for easy scanning from screen. And with applications like customer loyalty and mobile payment at the POS soaring in popularity, ease is the name of the game. The new stationary scanner is armed with Newland’s 6th generation of UIMG® technology. Its CPU-based scanner excels at reading on-screen barcodes that contain a large amount of data. Additional IR and light sensors improve the sensitivity with which it scans the presented barcode.

Same great performance, new standout feature

What really makes the new FM3080 Hind stand out from Newland’s product line is its new light-up feature. The white scanning window of the device can be programmed to light up in 4 different colors. That means instant feedback shows users quickly and clearly whether their scan was read successfully. 

Small form factor

At a height of just 47.5mm, the FM3080 Hind is the smallest of the FM30 series. This makes it even easier to fit into your kiosk or counter. Additional IP65 sealing means it will comfortably survive dust and water.

Find more information about Newland’s new FM3080 Hind here or get in touch with one of their sales offices.

Design & development: BuroBureaux