Newland launches smartphone PDA line: the Symphones

03.10.2016 Products

Tackle your barcode scanning needs in a whole new way with the Newland Symphones. The brand-new product line combines the functionality of a mobile device (smartphone) with the speed and power of a PDA. Armed with a high performance 1D/2D Newland scanning module, the Symphones are ideal for everyday use.

Newland recently released the pioneers of the Symphone line: the Symphone N5000 and the Symphone N2S. Both are Smartphone PDA’s running on Android.

Symphone N5000

The N5000 is armed with Newland’s smallest and quickest 2D scanning engine, allowing for seamless integration in the smartphone form factor. With dimensions of 146.7 x 73 x 9.3, the appearance of the device is similar to some of the most well-known consumer smartphones. Also, N5000 is supplied with a color cap, available in grey, yellow or blue, which increases the ruggedness of the smartphone.

The result? A consumer-style smartphone design on the outside with enterprise-level features at the inside.


Symphone N2S

The Symphone N2S  is an Android Smartphone PDA, which is recognised for it’s durable design, reinforced by carefully selected materials. It guarantees low maintenance costs, even for use under harsh conditions.

The N2S has a 25 degree scan angle, making scanning easy and comfortable while reading the screen. Moreover, it supports both dry and moist hands, as well as gloved fingertip touch input. With IP64, it is ideal for use in severe conditions, such as rain, snow and dust.

The Symphone N2S is supplied with a charging stand, which charges the device and if desired, an additional battery at the same time.


Order Information

Please contact your Newland local branch office or regional sales manager for full ordering information like part numbers and pricing, as well as information on product availability and order status.

For more information about Symphone N5000, view the product page.

For more information about Symphone N2S, view the product page.

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