Newland launches PT60 Narvalo Mobile Computer

11.01.2018 Products

Newland EMEA, manufacturer of some of today’s fastest and most versatile barcode scanning equipment, is releasing the PT60 Narvalo. The PT60 Narvalo adds a Windows CE mobile computer to Newland’s portfolio, reinforcing their ability to cover all corners of the market.

Tailoring to every business environment

To keep up with the ever-changing customer, professionals need to move as quickly and as fluently as they do. Companies need to be quick on their feet and memorable. They need to deliver exceptional quality in both their products and their services. They need to mold to each individual – on a large scale AND they need to do so within the customer’s time frame and budget. The result is a constant state of change in their operational environment, requiring them to be flexible. Newland’s new PT60 Narvalo was built to cater to this.

Equipped with a megapixel scan engine, it combines an intuitive design with the latest in AIDC (automatic identification and data collection) technology. This makes the device particularly simple to use. Due to the speed and ease with which the megapixel scan engine scans both 1D and 2D barcodes, scanning is snappy and straight-forward. As a result, employees are more efficient and the chance of mistakes is reduced. They can simply pick the PT60 Narvalo up and start scanning. Plus at only 303g, there is no need to put it down right away either.


Uninterrupted productivity

Armed with a 3,800 mAh battery, the PT60 Narvalo lasts an average of 10 hours. For scan intensive workdays, a cradle with spare battery charging slot can be used to ensure a full charge is always on hand. Additionally, features like Bluetooth and WiFi (802.11 b/g/n, 2.4Ghz) will allow employees to connect to additional devices when necessary.

From Logistics to Retail

The PT60 Narvalo was created to fit any Windows operational environment and offer a solution that helps meet the demands of the market – both today and tomorrow. It will be taking the place of Newland’s older MT70 Windows Mobile Computer. Possible applications include transport and logistics (warehouse, backoffice), retail (warehouse, backoffice, in-store), manufacturing (operational data collection) and healthcare (patient care, laboratory, pharmacy).

Curious to find out how the PT60 Narvalo may suit you? Find more information on the product page or get in touch.






Design & development: BuroBureaux