Newland launches new and improved MT65 Beluga II Android PDA

19.12.2016 Products

Back in 2014, Newland EMEA introduced their first Android PDA to the market. Since then, Newland sold over 70.000 units of the MT65 model. Today, the company has launched a new version of the product: the MT65 Beluga II. This brand-new portable data collector showcases some major improvements in both functionality and durability.

The MT65 Beluga II runs on Android 5.1 Lollipop, giving the device more functions than its predecessor and allowing for a variety of new software development options. Use the device worry-free with the security enhancements offered by the OS upgrade. Additionally, the MT65 Beluga II takes away concerns with its rugged construction and IP65 standard for protection against dust and water.

Whether you want to use the device for delivery services, for warehouse management or for inventory counting in shops, the functions and accessories give you all the customizability you need. A pistol grip option allows for easy point-and-shoot scanning while the cradle makes it easy to store and charge the device. The MT65 Beluga II comes in three different models (1D Laser, 1D CCD and 2D CMOS) to help you pick the exact product and functionalities needed for your business.

Design & development: BuroBureaux