Newland launches much anticipated NQ1000 Manta

08.09.2016 Products

Now Accepting Orders for the NQ1000 Manta

Ever since Newland EMEA first presented the NQ1000 Manta at trade shows earlier this year, anticipation has skyrocketed. The NQ1000 Manta is Newland EMEAs response to the increasing market demand for Android solutions in the form of a POS system, Customer Information Terminal or Micro Kiosk. Get in touch with your target audience through self-service or use the Manta as a low-cost entry-level Android POS system for everyday use.

Every business, environment and application requires a different set of features. Newland EMEA addresses this with the highly flexible NQ1000 Manta. With an increasing need for customized scanning solutions and interactive micro kiosks, the NQ1000 Manta provides the perfect marriage between customization and performance. Built on Android 4.2.2, the NQuire allows for easy development of custom applications. Additionally, it is armed with Newland’s powerful EM2037 2D barcode scanner, making scanning quick and easy for both employees and inexperienced customers. The result is a device with everything you need to deliver a quick and positive self-service experience.

The NQ1000 Manta can be installed almost anywhere in your environment. It is compliant with VESA mounting standards and provides additional flexibility by offering a variety of mounting accessories. This includes a foldable desktop stand, a VESA magnetic shelf stand and a VESA wall mount. An expansion slot allows for accessories such as an NFC reader and a MSR reader. To help optimize the NQ1000 Manta for all uses, the powerful device comes with a broad range of features, including an external SCR, WiFi, Bluetooth, Coms included and POE.

Current Models Released

The product is in stock.

Model Description
 NQuire 1000 NSRW-C  10” Micro Kiosk with Touch screen, BT, Wi-Fi & LAN. (No scanner)   Stock 
 NQuire 1000 RW-C  10” Micro Kiosk with Touch screen, 2D scanner, BT, Wi-Fi & LAN   Project 
 NQuire 1000 PRW-C  10” Micro Kiosk with Touch screen, 2D scanner, BT, Wi-Fi & POE   Stock



 STD1200  Desktop stand for NQuire1000 & NQuire 200 series
 WMB 1000  Wall mount Vesa bracket for NQuire 1000 series
 MSB1200  Magnetic Shelf mount bracket for NQuire1000 & NQuire 200 series
 MSR1000  Magnetic Card Reader module for NQuire 1000 series
 NFC1000  NFC / RFID reader module for NQuire 1000 series

Order Information

Please contact your Newland local branch office or regional sales manager for full ordering information like part numbers and pricing, as well as information on product availability and order status.

For more information about the NQ1000, view the product page.

Design & development: BuroBureaux