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Newland Further Improves FM30 Grouper Stationary Scanners

14.09.2017 Products

Today, Newland EMEA announces an upgrade of one of their most popular stationary scanners for online to offline (O2O) scanning applications like mobile payment and customer loyalty programs: the FM3051 (standard) and the FM3056 (flush-mount) Grouper II.

Since their launch mid last year, the original scanners of the FM30 Grouper series have built up a strong following. The new FM3051 and FM3056 Grouper II further build on that with additional functionality, such as data formatting and Newland’s next generation chip technology. That means the devices are more flexible than ever, and can be easily adjusted to different applications. The upgrade to the next generation decoder chip ensures an even better scan performance from both paper and cellphone screens. Businesses looking for programming functions will be able to customize the data input depending on relevance and convenience. Mechanical design, measurements, mounting holes have not been changed. For businesses already using the device, that means it can easily be swapped or exchanged. Combined with an easily-mountable design, the additional flexibility offers plug-and-play simplicity from the moment the stationary scanner is taken out of the box.


Customer-facing mobile applications are where the FM3051 and FM3056 Grouper II excel. Newland’s new chip technology ensures the barcode scanning performance remains top-of-the-line with a further improved scanning distance and ability to read damaged barcodes. The stationary scanners were tested and tweaked to give inexperienced customers an intuitive way to scan their own devices. Whether their phone is small, large, cracked or set to the lowest brightness level, scanning is always snappy and easy. Paying for a coffee with a mobile payment app or claiming a reward through a customer loyalty program fits seamlessly into their morning routine. And that printed coupon for an extra muffin? Not a problem either.

Maintaining the same look and feel of the previous version, the new FM30 Grouper II series is improved with customization in mind. The result is a flexible and easy-to-use kiosk or POS solution for programmers, engineers, employees and customers alike.

Design & development: BuroBureaux