Newland Celebrates Partnerships with Marbella Event 2018

30.10.2018 Events

Newland EMEA organized a Partner Event experience this year to bring together over 100 members of their Newland partner community. They invited a variety of industry contacts for two days of inspiration, networking, news and best practice sharing.

Attendees went home with new insights, ways to grow their Newland business and learned how to tap into the opportunities Newland EMEA has to offer. Here are the highlights:

Thriving in the Fast-Paced World of AIDC

Since entering the market in 2009, Newland EMEA left its mark in the AIDC space. They are one of the fastest growing players in the industry and have emerged from one of China’s largest integrators to a tier 1 AIDC manufacturer. Worldwide, they have grown to be the number 4 vendor of AIDC products. That is in addition to their already strong position as number 2 global E-POS terminal supplier.

Over the last three years, they reached an average growth of more than 60% per year. As Newland EMEA CEO Peter H. Sliedrecht stated in his opening presentation, “The success we have in EMEA is due to our clear distribution strategy, working with delegated Newland partners and resellers and some strategic vertical market specialists”. They have built a strong community that is fully in line with their mentality and focus on quality and innovation. And it’s clearly paying off.

Product-wise, the company’s growth has been influenced by their mobile computer, micro kiosk and stationary scanner product groups. Some of their star players being the MT65 Beluga III, the MT90 Orca and the FM430 Barracuda.

What’s Next for Newland?

Mobile payment and customer-facing POS solutions continue to evolve and shape the retail experience. As one of the leading mobile payment hardware providers in China, Newland is a strategic partner of Alipay (a subsidiary of Alibaba) and WeChat (a subsidiary of Tencent). Their devices have led the charge in this trend in Asia over the last few years. As mobile payment and self-service is quickly growing throughout EMEA, it’s clear that Newland has a strong product portfolio that will help them play a major role in this region as well.

Additionally, Newland EMEA leaned into trends in the pharmaceutical industry and built a strong presence in warehousing, transport and logistics.

The company will continue building on their distribution strategy, as well as improving their free-of-charge Buckets MDM on all their Android-based products and ensuring their flagship devices are SOTI certified.

Networking and Activities

Aligning happens by connecting and sharing information. To do so, Newland EMEA spent an afternoon exploring Newland’s go-to-market strategy, compelling case studies, marketing tools and other ways you can drive sales. But after this, it was time to turn the tables. A program focussed on good food, good ambiance and, most of all, great conversation allowed for all partners to relax, have fun and network.

We want to thank everyone who joined us in sunny Marbella, your enthusiasm made it a great success! We’re looking forward to exploring new horizons with you over the next year. So – full steam ahead!

Do you want to be a part of the fast-growing ecosystem of Newland partners? Or do you simply want to learn more? Get in touch.

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