HR3280 in action

The HR3280 Marlin II Provides Snappy Scanning with Maximum Comfort


Today, Newland EMEA is introducing the HR3280 Marlin II, the new player in their HR32 series. This snappy scanner is quick on its feet and scans 1D and 2D barcodes with ease, without compromising on comfort. All in all, we call that a win, win!

Designed with Superior Performance in mind

The HR3280 Marlin II  provides a fantastic solution for scan-intensive use. Armed with a megapixel camera the HR3280 performs effortlessly whether scanning from paper or screens, including high density barcodes. The Marlin II also features a high-speed sensor of 60 frames per second making it a rapid scanning machine without negotiating on accuracy.

Comfort & Durability combined

The Marlin II can withstand drops up to 1.5m. This makes it ideal for tough days on the retail floor or in a warehouse. Fitting easily in the hand, the Marlin II was designed to reduce fatigue after a long work day. Ideal for healthcare and retail, the HR3280 Marlin II has you covered.

FMD Ready

This February, the FMD (Falsified Medicines Directive) regulations are going into effect across Europe. All pharmacies are required to comply by new EU standards. For most, this means new software and hardware. The HR3280 Marlin II can help. To ensure safe and traceable pharmaceuticals, a 2D barcode is placed on each product to verify its authenticity. That’s where Newland barcode scanners can offer everything needed to be compliant. Designed to read 2D barcodes with ease and to have an attractive price point, the HR3280 Marlin II is a tough to beat solution. To read more on FMD click here.

Customization for the Russian Market

Listening to the needs of customers is important. Therefore, created specifically for the Russian market is version HR3280RU Marlin II. This version includes a custom designed algorithm and firmware that has been optimised to read EGAIS codes. These codes are used for country’s electronic tracking and monitoring system of alcohol products. Even the most damaged EGAIS codes can be read with great results.

Interested in the HR3280 Marlin II? Go ahead and read further here.

Design & development: BuroBureaux