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HR32 Marlin Handscanner Gets Facelift – Cordless Version Now Available!

29.03.2017 Products

Newland is excited to announce the launch of their newest generation HR32 Marlin handscanner: the HR3290-CS. The HR3290-CS is a rugged, low-cost 2D scanner that is available as a corded model. A corded model was released in 2016, but now the cordless version is also available. Both versions replace their HR3260 predecessors.

The HR32 Marlin in action.

While the form factor of the devices will remain the same, a clear change in exterior is that the scanner will be on stock in black only. The move away from the previously blue design allows for a more universal and mature appearance that fits in on any counter. Designed to be rugged and durable, the HR3290-CS Marlin has also been upgraded from IP42 to IP54 to ensure the device is secured against dust and moisture.

The HR32 Marlin Wireless with charging cradle.

This improved exterior goes hand in hand with the improved performance of the device. Newland’s patented 3th generation decoding chip made the performance of the HR3290-CS Marlin faster, snappier and more powerful. The Wireless 2D hand scanner is capable of reading any common 1D and 2D barcodes, even when damaged, covered with protective film or displayed on a mobile phone screen at its lowest brightness level. Like its predecessor, the new HR3290-CS Marlin gives you portable convenience by using ZigBee, allowing you to roam more than 50 m away from the cradle. This range can be extended by 50 m with each additional cradle you use. At just 252 grams, you have the freedom to carry it around comfortably all day.

The HR32 Marlin Wireless in perspective views.

Have we piqued your interest? Find out more on the HR3290 Wireless product page or speak to one of our Newland representatives or partners.

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