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Effortless Scanning from Screen With the Fixed Flush Mount FM3055 Grouper

03.11.2016 Products

Online to offline (O2O) scanning has caused a rapid shift in the barcode industry over the last few years. Newland’s FM30 Grouper 1D/2D fixed mount barcode scanners help you connect with your customer digitally through mobile phone applications. Make the most of loyalty programs, ticket validations and other online opportunities by building the fixed mount scanner into your kiosk or at your POS.

Product Alert: FM3055 Grouper

After the successful FM3050 Grouper, Newland is excited to announce an addition to their series: the FM3055 Grouper. The new FM3055 Grouper has a shallower profile than the FM3050, as well as a flush top, making for easy integration and a minimal footprint. With a height of only 52.3mm, the device is small enough to fit into most spaces, while the flush mount ensures that the device suits your business environment.

Built to read from contemporary LCD widescreen devices, the FM30 Grouper series are ideal for mobile phone applications. An extended capability of infrared reading allows the device to detect barcodes under virtually any ambient light, offering your business a solution for both daytime and nighttime. Whether it is a passenger checking his ticket, a customer paying his purchase by barcode at a vending machine, an employee scanning a product label, or a customer scanning a voucher on his mobile phone, scanning with the Newland FM3055 Grouper is always quick and easy!

Current Models Released

Model Description
FM3055-28  Flush glass front RS232 cable & multiplug adapter
FM3055-20  Flush glass front & USB cable
FM3050-28  RS232 cable & multiplug adapter
FM3050-20  USB cable

Order Information

Please contact your Newland local branch office or regional sales manager for full ordering information like part numbers and pricing, as well as information on product availability and order status.

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