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Efficiency at its finest: Introducing the MT90 Orca Mobile Computer

18.04.2018 Company

Today, Newland EMEA is introducing their latest Android mobile computer: the MT90 Orca. The new device combines some of the most popular features in mobile computing and takes them to the next level. It’s safe to say the MT90 Orca is here to make a splash.

Easy to Use

From the moment you take it out of the box, the MT90 Orca is easy to use. It is equipped with a 4500mAh replaceable battery and 5″ full touch screen. Its consumer-style design and Android 7.0 operating system makes the experience similar to picking up a personal mobile phone. This makes for an intuitive use and a limited need for staff training. The device is straight to the point, so even the most inexperienced employee can pick it up and be well on their way.

Once in their hands, the MT90 Orca offers optimal comfort. The device is rugged and designed to withstand everyday drops and bumps, but no compromises were made in its ergonomics. Equipped with the standard rubber boot, it has passed drop tests of up to 1.5m. Plus at only 260g, it’s easy to carry around all day. A hand strap, wrist lanyard or optional holster help you to keep it by your side – ready to use –  during all other activities.

There are 3 scanning keys and a software scanning key, allowing employees to use whichever fits their application best. Additionally, a pistol grip is available for convenient point-and-shoot scanning.

So what makes the MT90 Orca so efficient? Newland Business Development Manager Sebastian Weides weighs in.

“Equipping your staff with the MT90 Orca means minimizing product training and making it as easy as possible for them to scan a barcode or enter data into a program. Where the MT90 Orca really stands out, is its scanning performance. That means faster data entry with significantly less errors. It really has big technical advantages over market leading devices. This device offers a fantastic solution for mobile field and warehouse applications.”

Easy to Manage

The MT90 Orca includes Buckets, Newland’s free Mobile Device Management software. Buckets allows you to manage all your Newland Android Mobile Computers from a distance. That includes pushing updates and changes for both software and applications, sending out messages to users, keeping track of activities of the device, temporarily blocking a device and sharing data through a cloud-based platform.

Overall, the MT90 Orca is a direct response to the market and is expected to take center stage in Newland’s Mobile Computer product line.

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