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Newland’s New Video Series – and how they will help you

03.03.2018 Company

Newland EMEA, a world-class producer of barcode scanners, mobile computers, scan engines and price checkers, is saying « Ready, set, action! » with their latest campaign. In what will be an ongoing series of videos, UK Sales Manager David Craggs provides quick snapshots of some of Newland’s products and services. The videos will range from product introductions to software tutorials, and anything in between, giving customers a new way to discover the company.

Why videos?

There’s no question that the appeal of video content is high. In fact, when given the choice between watching a video of a product or reading about it, consumers are 4x more likely to watch the video and 59% of executives would rather watch a video than read text. Newland’s videos provide a quick impression of the look and feel of a barcode scanner, demonstrate its performance, show how it operates and answer common questions.

« The EMEA region has lots in common and what we look for in a barcode scanner is no different. We all want our scanners to be built well, be competitively priced, supplied quickly and be well supported. However, how the message is best delivered is more nuanced from country to country, so I wanted to get across the things that make our scanners great and do so with energy and personality without compromising on helpful information. You definitely can’t please everyone all the time, but you can appeal to a big majority and I think we have,” says Craggs. « Although, I haven’t been brave enough to show my mum yet. »

And how about different languages?
En hoe zit het met andere talen?
И что насчет других языков?

All videos are created to cater to a global audience. With UK Sales Manager David Craggs taking center stage, videos will be English-spoken with an option to use subtitles in a variety of languages, to which Newland will continue to add. If they do not automatically show, subtitles can be switched on with the settings in the bottom right of the video.

And action!

The series is kicked off by a product video about the HR11+ Aringa and the HR22 Dorada, a 1D and a 2D handheld scanner, respectively. Both devices are snappy when faced with both barcodes printed on paper and displayed on a screen, making them a great fit for O2O (online to offline) applications like loyalty programs and mobile payment. But don’t just take our word for it – watch the video below to see the handheld scanners in action.

Stay tuned – and get ready to tune in – as Newland EMEA will continue to launch videos.

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