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Mise à jour du produit

Improved on-screen scanning for updated FM3080 Hind

Integrated in a kiosk or mounted in your checkout counter, the FM3080 Hind stationary scanner is a staple when it comes to customer facing scanning. Its large scan window, customizable visual feedback and snappy performance make for a reliable solution for both on screen and printed barcodes.

Anti-reflection coating 

To fit the everchanging needs of the industry, the FM3080 Hind is recently updated. The Hind’s hardware and software now offer new and improved features to ensure a smooth scanning experience. With the addition of an anti-reflection coating, the Hind raises the bar for capturing large amounts of data under bright conditions. While improved for all types of materials, this especially enhances data capture off reflective surfaces like mobile screens.

FM3080 Hind turnstile integration

Update notification details

Further changes to the FM3080 Hind include an upgraded CPU processor, an updated CMOS package and new firmware. Read all details on the improved hardware and software features in the product update notification.

Get a quick overview of what's changed

All hardware and software change details are available in the FM3080 Hind Update Notification file. 

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