mt37 release picture

Meet the MT37 Baiji!

A light and portable mobile computer that meets your needs.

21st of June 2022 – Culemborg, the Netherlands – Newland EMEA, one of the leading companies in the AIDC industry, introduces its’ brand new mobile computer – the MT37 Baiji. The MT37 Baiji is a cost-effective yet powerful solution for the logistics, warehousing and retail industries. With its’ lightweight design and high performance, the MT37 Baiji is perfect for storing and picking orders, inventory management and shelf replenishment applications.

The MT37 Baiji’s quad-core processor and integrated 2D engine with Newland's 6th generation decoder chip provide outstanding data collection performance. The MT37 Baiji is set to decode even damaged or poor-quality 1D and 2D barcodes with precision, ease and speed. At the same time, the MT37 Baiji is powered by Android 8.1 Go, an operating system designed to run applications faster and more smoothly, adding to the superior capabilities of the device. The dual-band Wi-Fi, 4G and Bluetooth 5.0 make sure you stay connected at all times!

The MT37 Baiji’s ergonomic design reduces fatigue during extended work sessions, while the long-lasting 3300mAh battery gets you through the entire shift without re-charging or switching out devices. Despite being lightweight, the MT37 Baiji can withstand 1.2-meter drops to concrete, making the mobile computer more rugged and durable.

The MT37 Baiji has all the flexibility you need! The presence of both the numeric keypad with some additional navigation buttons and a capacitive touch screen provides users with all required input choices.

One of the device's special highlights is the pre-installed and pre-licensed DCAPP software that allows you to customize the MT37 Baiji to fit any application! DCAPP is a multi-language ready-to-use app for collecting, transferring and exporting data in a very simple way. With DCAPP, you can use pre-established templates for data collection, including Basic Inventory, Shelf Inventory, Assets Shelf Replenishment, and Order Entry. If you demand additional features, you can create your own template to serve the specific needs of your operations.

Overall, the MT37 Baiji’s high performance, excellent connectivity and lightweight design cover everything you might need in a data collector, while the DCAPP software makes the device fully customizable to your operations.  It is a must for cost-effective but intensive applications in retail, logistics and warehousing industries.