Lights, Scanners, and Action! The MT90 Orca for multiple, mobile access points

In this unique customer story, the MT90 Orca is used for multiple, mobile access points across Brussels city center for the International Film Festival.

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Lights, Scanners and Action

The MT90 Orca III for multiple, mobile access points

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The Brussels International Film Festival, also known as BRIFF, is a cultural event that spans multiple days and at multiple locations in bustling Brussels, ranging from competitions to panels and regular movie screenings. It’s an incredible operational feat, where they relied on rented mobile computer scanners, Newland EMEA’s MT90 Orca III’s, set up and implemented by JNC Service. Previously the access control team used their own phones or tablets for scanning tickets through the camera app. While cost-effective at first glance, it proved problematic for the festival.

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In our latest customer story, we feature the MT90 Orca III at the Brussels International Film Festival for access control points at multiple screening locations in the city center. 

Previously, the access control team used their own phones or tablets for scanning tickets through the camera app. While cost-effective at first glance, it proved problematic for the festival.

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  • Using personal mobile phones and tablet
  • QR Scanning via camera app slow and inaccurate
  • Delays in program
  • Long waiting lines


  • Quick adoption by the volunteer team with no time spent on training
  • Faster waiting lines and happier visitors
  • Quicker and simpler scanning solution
  • Better device management for tracking and updating geographically dispersed devices through partner

Consideration Points and Features

  • Android OS
  • Free MDM, Ndevor
  • Great connectivity
  • Able to scan phones and paper tickets easily
  • IP65 for outdoor festivals
  • Rental service through partner

Can't get enough? Read the full customer story below!

Scanning QR Code Tickets with Camera Phone – Slow and Troublesome

In previous editions, the BRIFF ticketing and access control team didn’t use barcode scanning devices to validate people’s tickets. Instead, they relied on volunteers’ mobile phones and the camera application to scan the tickets. But phone cameras aren’t optimized to read barcodes quickly or optimized for reading digital tickets, causing delays and other issues, and as a result, the screenings and events were heavily delayed.

While it’s often a popular cost-free choice to use their own personal phones event organizers also ran into issues with not only the speed of scanning but also the need to process the tickets into the system. The extra time needed to scan via camera and wait for it to connect to the systems proved more costly.


Why Mobile Computers Get the Job Done at the First Take

Mobile computers are the perfect scanning devices for this job – with multiple connectivity protocols, Android OS, and a powerful scan engine, the BRIFF team could go to multiple locations easily and set up their mobile ticketing access control points. The choice ultimately fell on the MT90 Orca III, recommended by JNC Service as part of a full rental and device management solution.

It’s easy to see why: this mobile computer scanner simplifies the workflow for the event team operating from multiple locations. It is equipped with multiple network protocols and great battery life ensuring zero downtime when switching between the locations. And not unimportant in today’s digital world, it scans both paper and digital tickets, ensuring a smooth access control experience for both the team and the visitors.

Moving from location to location with a mobile computer scanner is a given, but with an IP rating of IP65 and a 1.5m drop test rating, festival volunteers don’t have to worry about the weather or dropping it on the go. Compared to using regular tablets or mobile phones, this is a far more durable solution.


Hardware as a Service: Rental Barcode Scanners for Organizations

As mentioned, BRIFF rents the MT90 Orca III mobile computer scanner as part of a service solution by JNC Service. Their rental service is especially valuable to organizations that don’t require barcode scanners often, such as annual or small-scale events. And not every location is equipped with access control systems, making it a cost-effective, simple choice.

To top it all off, the events team doesn’t have to worry about device care or management. Thanks to Ndevor, our included Mobile Device Management software, JNC Service easily manages the devices from one location, while the mobile computer scanners roam around the Brussels city center, pushing device updates or troubleshooting from a remote location. And with the GPS look-up function, there is no need to worry about losing the devices, because they can be tracked from any remote place.



The results were immediately noticeable for BRIFF, which is no surprise considering they used their phone cameras previously. What stands out is the incredible increase in efficiency between the before and after situations. Queues went faster and volunteers could intuitively work with the devices from the start, all the while keeping the investment costs low.

BRIFF Event Organizer, François Meuleman states: “It scans, it scans, it scans. It’s quite fast and much easier to use.”

By relying on intuitive hardware and the incredible implementation and support by JNC Service, BRIFF was able to solve their scanning needs and improve the visitor experience all around, whilst keeping it easy and simple for their volunteers to work with the scanners.

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