Newland's master configuration software

EasySet is Newland’s master configuration software for selected handheld scanners, stationary scanners and OEM scan engines. This Windows software packs extensive features to guide you through your Newland scanner configuration with ease and efficiency. Configurations settings include options to send the configurations directly to the scanner, save the configuration file to later deploy to other scanners, or display the configuration as a series of barcodes in a single document. 

Additional features

Although configuration is the primary reason to deploy this software for Newland compatible scanners, EasySet is also a popular software tool for:

  1. Pre-sales consultancy: EasySet software packs the ability to display images taken by a 2D imager live on screen. This feature is proven valuable for pre-sales testing in day-to-day operations. Based on these 2D imager visuals, we can quickly assess and advice on tailored solutions based on FOV, DOF, focus and illumination.
  2. Assess continuous performance: A testing window can display scanned data presented in a variety of formats to identify issues and create solutions. This allows for clear and readily available information on the performance of your deployed Newland scanners.
  3. Centralized scanner updates: Changes to the Newland firmware for improved performance or additional features can now be uploaded to scanners easily via the software.


EasySet Compatibility

Find your EasySet compatible scanner in the Newland Handheld, Stationary and OEM product range:

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