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We thrive on a simple promise: to make everyday tasks easier, faster and more intuitive. Join our mission in making scanning simpler across EMEA.

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Our Partner Promise


We thrive on a simple mission: to make everyday tasks easier, faster and more intuitive.
It is our promise to do so through both our products and our partnerships.

Growing Together

More than 500 Newland partners represent the diverse markets they serve around EMEA. Our network is continuously growing, both in number and through mutual growth with our partners. We’re here to nurture a relationship centered around growing together.


We take great pride in ensuring our team is an extension of yours, and vice versa. It is our ongoing promise to offer support centered around personalization, ease-of-use and the short-lines that make up a good partnership. It is our promise to be committed to our partners, and we will continue to evolve our structure to fit the needs of our partners.

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