1D & 2D
Laser aimer
LED aimer
1.5m drop
Dual Interface
2 years
Warranty 2 Years
High motion tolerance the FM431 Barracuda Pro stationary Newland EMEA scanner adds more speed and accuracy to the FM430 Series

FM431 Barracuda Pro

Stationary Scanners


High-Speed Scanning.
The FM431 Barracuda Pro adds high motion tolerance to the FM430 Series. Higher pass rates are designed to unlock opportunities in manufacturing and automated vending applications. The high speed also opens up new possibilities for POS fix mount scanning. Conveyors moving codes past the scanners and automated/robotic applications, where codes are constantly and steadily on the move, are ideal for the FM431.

Dual Aiming.
The FM431 Barracuda Pro packs both laser and LED aiming options into the same device. In customer-facing applications, LED aiming protects clients from harmful lasers. At the same time, the laser engine pinpoints the exact position of the scanner for presenting codes under or for use in some automated applications.

Good Read Notification.
The FM431 Barracuda Pro alerts the customer about a successful scan when using laser aiming by flooding the code with light from the LED aimer. This is useful for fixed-mount applications where the beep is not wanted or if the environment is too loud for the beep alone.

All Weather Conditions.
The FM431 Barracuda Pro has Advanced Exposure control to adapt to light volume, including bright reflection on the barcodes. The IP54 sealing and operating temperature range from -20 to +60 degrees making this Newland’s best all-around fixed mount scanner suitable for most outdoor applications.

Fast Communication.
The FM431 Barracuda Pro has a higher send-and-receive communication speed making it even more responsive to the demands of a host solution.

Easy to Mount.
Thanks to the mounting points in the base of the scanner, the FM431 Barracuda Pro is easy to fix and install. The dimensions are identical to the FM430 Series scanner, making it plug-and-play into existing designs in case upgrades are needed to take advantage of all the FM431 Barracuda Pro has to offer.

Suggested industries

Data Capture
1D All major 1D symbologies
2D All major 2D symbologies
Image Sensor 1280*800 CMOS
Aiming 529nm green LED, 650nm red laser aimer
Illumination 3000K white LED
Resolution 1D: ≥3mil
Depth of Field EAN 13 (13mil) 55-460mm
Depth of Field Code 39 (5mil) 65-230mm
Depth of Field PDF417 (6.7mil) 55-190mm
Depth of Field DataMatrix (10mil) 50-230mm
Depth of Field QR (15mil) 40-310mm
Field of View Horizontal 51°
Field of View Vertical 32°
Scan Angle Roll: 360°, Pitch: ±55°, Skew: ±55°
Minimal Print Contrast 25%
Current @ 5VDC Operating 258.5mA (typical), 400mA (max.)
Current @ 5VDC Standby 93.72mA
Dimensions (mm) 41.5(W) × 49.5 (D) × 24.3(H)
Input Voltage 5VDC ± 5%
Interfaces RS-232, USB
Notifications Beep, LED indicator
Weight 56g
Ambient Light 0~100,000lux (natural light)
Operating Temperature -20℃ to 60℃ (-4°F to 140°F)
Storage Temperature -40℃ to 70℃ (-40°F to 158°F)
Humidity 5%~95% (non-condensing)
Electro Static Discharge (ESD) ±14 kV (air discharge), ±8 kV (direct discharge)
Drop 1.5m
IP Rating IP54
Hardware FCC Part 15 Class B, CE EMC Class B, RoHS 2.0, IEC62471, IEC60825
Standard 2 years