Nhub: at the center of data flows

Enable seamless integrations and data flows between our devices and your infrastructure. For free.

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Nhub is a free software that pairs multiple barcode scanners to a single host, enabling seamless integrations and data flows between our devices and your infrastructure.  With Nhub you reduce costs at no cost, minimize technical maintenance, and ensure collaborative, error-free processes.

Simplify Integrations

Simplify Integration

Nhub seamlessly integrates scanners with your existing systems, reducing the IT team's workload and eliminating the time and workforce needed for complex custom integrations.
Cut Costs

Cut Costs

Nhub is your ticket to cost savings! Beyond being a free software, it optimizes IT integration processes and cuts down the number of host devices required for pairing the scanners - 7 to 1 instead of 7 to 7!
Elevate Accuracy

Elevate Accuracy

Nhub empowers your team to work collaboratively and make fewer mistakes while scanning and transferring data with the help of visual and audio cues.

Enjoy a variety of features

Dive into the technical side of Nhub with a wide variety of features that simplify data integration and processing and prevent mistakes from happening.

Enhanced Bluetooth Pairing

Seamlessly connect up to seven scanners to a single host, use a variety of visual and audio cues to see battery status, trace users, and locate misplaced devices.

  • Keep track of the battery status
  • Personalize device names for quick user identification
  • Easily locate lost devices
  • Quickly send setup instructions to the scanner

Host-to-Application Data Transfer

Effortlessly transfer scanned data to any third-party application installed on your host device. 

  • Employ keystroke emulation for instant integration with various apps without the hassle of making modifications.​

  • Leverage Android Intents to seamlessly integrate barcode scanning and customize data processing for tailored app experiences.

Host-to-Server Data Transfer

Smoothly transfer scanned data from the host device directly to your application server.

  • Send data through an Ethernet cable or WiFi, directly to the application located on the server
  • Enjoy the added benefit of charging the device simultaneously when transferring data through Ethernet cable
  • Conveniently configure the scanner and perform firmware updates