FR21 mobile payment

Transform Mobile Payment with the FR21 Neon

Mobile point of sale (POS) applications have exploded in popularity. With mobile payment and mobile loyalty programs being the POS trends of 2018 (and perhaps also 2019), a lot is changing in the world of retail and hospitality. To accommodate for these trends, Newland has designed and manufactured the ideal solution for scanning barcodes from a mobile phone. The result is the FR21 Neon Stationary Scanner.

Moving to the Mobile Wallet

The Newland expertise in mobile payment has allowed us to create a stationary scanner that holds both employee comfort and the customer experience especially high.

Mobile payment transactions in Western Europe alone are expected to grow to €148 billion by 2021. Globally, China is currently leading the market in mobile payment, with well over a third of point-of-sale being spent through leading eWallets. As a full subsidiary of Newland Digital Technology, a major Chinese company, Newland EMEA is at the forefront of the latest retail technology trends. Newland is one of the major partners of such leading eWallets, including Alipay (by Alibaba) and WeChat pay (by Tencent). As a result, our technology is optimized for applications like mobile payment, loyalty apps and ticket verification.

And when it comes to such customer-facing applications, the FR21 Neon does it best.

Easy Barcode Scanning for All Users

The new FR21 Neon was built to create an optimal customer experience at the point of sale. It scans first time every time, even for new users. This means it will keep your line moving and minimize waiting times while optimizing customer interaction. It is equipped with one of Newland's own scan engines, which is perfected for scanning barcodes from a mobile phone. Its form factor makes it intuitive and straight-forward in use.

Suits your Shop

You've worked hard to make your shop look the way that it does. We understand that. The FR21 Neon is a modern and attractive device that can be customized fully for your brand and POS. Its compact size means it is easy to position on a small desk, a store shelf or at the counter, where space is crucial. It won't draw attention when it should not, but will when it should.

Another way the scanner achieves this is through its illumination. When barcode scanners are faced into your shop, rather than towards the cashiers, they can draw unwanted attention. The subtle illumination of the Neon enhances its scanning performance, without disturbing your store ambiance and the customers in it.

Customize to Your Style

The fully flat front of the FR21 Neon lends itself perfectly to full-cover designs. From simple to more intricate designs, make it look exactly to your liking. While device customization is often long-term and requires major quantities, it is easy to change the look of these stationary barcode scanners, even in small amounts. The round window (diameter 2.8 cm) underneath the scanner has LED lighting behind it. This provides extra visibility for a company logo placed over it.

For large order quantities, the color of the full desktop scanner can be adjusted for further customization.

Do you want to know more? Explore the FR21 Neon here.