Newland Italy Opens New Office Doors

It's a big month for Newland EMEA as they open their new Italian office just a few weeks after their Russian one. The upgraded workplace goes hand in hand with the addition of a local technical department.

Newland Italy is led by Greta Gervasoni, Country Manager Italy, who dons an impressive track record. Greta is the driving force that led Italy into one of Newland's fastest growing markets. Since she joined the company just 2 years ago, Newland has become one of the leading AIDC brands in Italy. That's visible throughout a wide range of industries.

You'll find 2D Newland handheld scanners at thousands of postal offices throughout the country. A leading automotive logistics company transports over 1.2 million vehicles annually with the help of Newland's N7000R-II. Plus, the booming self-service kiosk trend is serviced with the company's stationary scanners. This includes the FM430 Barracuda in a major fast food chain and FM3051 & FM3056 Grouper II in betting machines. In the retail market, supermarket chains are using Newland’s PT60 Narvalo, MT65 Beluga III & NQuire 300 Micro Kiosk for price verification purposes. Also, in non-food stores, customers are finding success with solutions like the NQuire 1000 Manta II for fidelity card management and a virtual dressing room.

Large businesses and chains like these, as well as an increasing stream of smaller, local customers, are the foundation of Newland's growth. While the new Italian office offers a home base for the sales team, the company is also building a strong technical team throughout EMEA.

“Within the past 2 years we have built a network of Partners that are focused on the development of the market and are promoting Newland devices as their top solutions. We strongly believe in the importance of partnership and we are continuing to work in this direction. Along with our partners, we believe in Newland and through our product portfolio and great value for money, we are seeing major growth.”

-Greta Gervasoni

Providing technical support at a local level is one of the ways that Newland continues to work for their customers. Therefore, located in the Italian office, you will find Newland’s newest Technical Support Specialist and Mobile Computer expert, Paolo Porazzi. Paolo is an AIDC veteran bringing along his 20 years of experience. With a growing market in Mobile Computers, Paolo is prepared to show extra support with his expertise.

Newland's new Italian office is located in Villasanta, just 30 minutes north of Milan. It offers everything the local team needs to hit the ground running.