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Newland expands foothold in Russia with local office

In the world of AIDC, there is no doubt that the Russian market is rapidly expanding. With a foothold in Russia since 2013, Newland EMEA is taking the next step by adding a Newland Russia branch with a new office in Moscow.

Previously, the Newland Russian market was run in close cooperation with local partners. Now, as a result of success and increasing importance, it has become essential to provide local support for customers and the market.

In order to do so, Newland welcomes two local AIDC industry veterans on board. Throughout several exhibitions over the last few weeks, they introduced Alexander Belov and Oleg Filippov as new members of their team.

Alexander Belov brings far-reaching knowledge and experience of AIDC in Russia to Newland. Over the past 11 years, he has served as the Sales Director for Sensis, a Newland partner. As Newland’s main contact at Sensis there's always been a close connection with Alexander. With knowledge of OEM & embedded technology, Alexander has already made strong contributions to the Newland team. Alexander will be taking on the role of Sales Director of Corporate Account & OEM Business for Newland Russia.

Oleg Filippov has been part of the IT industry in Russia for over 26 years and holds the knowledge that comes with it. Along with his knowledge comes experience in assisting international companies take their first steps in the Russian market. This includes brands like Metrologic & Honeywell where he was Territory Director for Russia, Kazakhstan and Belorussia for 6 years. Over the past 3 years, Oleg has built a vital connection with Newland as a brand and has been a great support between Newland and Scan City, a Newland partner. Oleg’s familiarity and deep knowledge with the AIDC industry is one of the reasons that he will make a great addition to the team as the Sales Director Distribution & Channel for Newland Russia.

“What the Newland Moscow office represents is our support of a market in which automation and technological advances are reshaping many industries. It’s clear that Russia is undergoing a period of change. We want to ensure our partners and customers have a team on the ground to offer everything needed to lead the charge in that change." - Peter Sliedrecht, Newland EMEA CEO

With the Russian sales office, Newland EMEA has started off with a focus on commercial support. Pre-sales & technical support for Newland's fast-growing role in the local Mobile Computer and Customer Information Terminal (CIT) market is expected to follow soon.

Alexander and Oleg, we are happy to have you on the Newland EMEA team and start a new chapter with Newland Russia!


Alexander Belov

Sales Director of Corporate Account & OEM Business for Newland Russia


Oleg Filippov

Sales Director Distribution & Channel for Newland Russia