NQuire 750 Micro Kiosk for tableside ordering

New Size, New Possibilities: NQuire 750 Stingray 7” Micro Kiosk

Newland’s new NQuire 750 Stingray Micro Kiosk packs our most powerful scan engine and most popular features into a more compact design. Sporting a crisp, 7” full-colour touchscreen and a variety of communication possibilities, the Stingray offers anything from self-service for retail customers to low-contact food ordering at a restaurant. Downsizing has never been easier. 

A self-service evolution.

The new NQuire 750 Stingray Micro Kiosk comes from a long lineage of successful flagship devices. First introduced over 10 years ago, the NQuire product line is amongst some of Newland’s most popular solutions and is widely used for self-service, access control, digital signage and price checking. The NQuire 750 Stingray gives you the opportunity to nab its top features, while maintaining a small footprint and slimline design. It’s set up with the tried-and-tested Android 7.1 OS, Newland’s top megapixel scan engine and it offers a plethora of possibilities for both existing and in-house applications. 

Communication and payment modules.

Unlock the NQuire 750 Stingray’s full potential with any of the 4 optional modules available. Equipped with contact and fixing points on either side, the Micro Kiosk supports both contactless payment with an NFC-module and swipe card payment with an MSR-module. Its LF RFID-module ensures fast operations and short lines when applied at, for example, access control points. A final 4G-module ensures you’re always connected, also when unable to connect via ethernet or outside of your WiFi range. The Stingray’s customizable solutions are nearly endless. 

Customize the customer journey.

No matter the application, the NQuire 750 Stingray’s visual performance is bound to be bold. Its sharp, full-colour screen is perfectly suited for running animations and live recorded videos, opening up advertising space when the Micro Kiosk is not actively used. The Android operating system offers a reliable platform for custom apps, while the various forms of connectivity allow you to personalize the customer journey by linking straight into your system. Offer buyer support by showing real-time stock, alternative products, recipes and compliments. Each digital journey can be instantly adjusted and visualized to the items of interest. This way, your customer connection is never idle.

Low-contact service with a personalized touch

In a time where service has shifted to low-contact, creating a customer connection is more important than ever. From in-store content to employee messages, the new Stingray is able to provide a personal touch through centralized intelligence. This makes for high quality contact with low-touch assistance. The readily installed MDM solution Ndevor further helps to seamlessly set up, manage and configure your Stingray units in the field from one central location. The device management capabilities expand throughout our Android portfolio, enabling you to custom fit Newland’s range of Micro Kiosks and Mobile Computers to each of your applications and settings.