Mobile Computers in Retail: How terStal takes charge of stock inventory
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Mobile Computers in Retail: How terStal takes charge of stock inventory

The balancing act between outstanding customer service and workflow efficiency remains a delicate challenge for retailers like terStal. The Dutch fashion retailer has recently introduced industrial PDAs into their shops to help speed up and optimise their stock take. This leaves more time for valuable customer interactions on the actual shop floor.

A match for rapid growth

With over 220 stores in The Netherlands and a new distribution center about to open in Almelo, the switch to mobile computers couldn’t have come at a better time. The need for faster and more accurate stock taking has now become a primary focus, especially for the traditional end-of-year inventory in stores. This asked for a switch from the outdated technology to more versatile mobile scanning computers. “We were looking for a reliable PDA that runs on the Android system,” explains CEO Niek Gloudemans of terStal. ” A wide array of functionalities will ensure it to be a long-term inventory solution at the core of all our stores.”

Accuracy & user-friendly design

After initial research, terStal started a trial with Newland’s MT90 Orca, a series of industrial mobile computers. As the number 4 barcode manufacturer worldwide, Newland strives to lead the way in the development of barcode hardware for retailers. The regional headquarters located in Culemborg is a welcomed advantage. “It allows us to have short lines of contact, flexibility and, if desired, fast delivery,” says Joeri Vos, Newlands Benelux Sales Manager. More importantly, the performance of the mobile computers during their test period exceeded expectations. “Barcodes were scanned quickly and targeted with minimum effort, which helped speed up the inventory process considerably. The large 5″ screen and modern design additionally makes for intuitive and easy control over the device,” as discussed by Joeri Vos. “The promoted accuracy and user-friendly design showed promising results, with the average time for inventory taking being reduced by 5 to 10 percent,” Niek Gloudemans calculates.

“The promoted accuracy and user-friendly design of Newland’s PDA showed promising results, with the average time for inventory taking being reduced by 5 to 10 percent“

Versatile in-store solution

TerStal decided to purchase 250 mobile computers of Newlands flagship MT90 Orca series, equipping them with the necessary tools to quickly oversee their entire store stock. “The sales process and customer service are no longer interrupted during in-store stock take on separate devices. Additionally, the mobile scanner can be used for logistical movements, such as postal services,” as identified by Niek Gloudemans.

The future of mobile point-of-sale

And this is only the start. As Newland works closely with software developers around the world, they are able to offer customised options to ensure a solid long-term investment. The MT90 Orca industrial PDA will further develop into a multi-purpose solution for both in – store and warehouse use. This perfectly matches terStals need for longevity. Niek Gloudemans explains: “Thanks to the Android software, we expect to use the PDA for additional purposes in the future. For example, as a mobile cash register to further improve our in-store service. Employees can also use it to quickly research available stock in another branch or in our webshop. ” As soon as terStal opens its new distribution center in Almelo, Newland will also deliver the barcode scanning hardware for warehouse orders and stock picking. In this way, the movement of goods in the distribution center can be followed more accurately. By offering mobile scanning solutions for both in-store and logistical use, terStal will continue to obtain in-depth stock information from all sides of the business. Niek Gloudemans: “This information is key to continuously enhance our future product stock.”

Scanning your horizon

Curious to discover how our wide range of barcode scanning devices can be tailored to your business needs? Check out more devices like the MT90 Orca mobile computer and experience how we help make every day tasks easier, faster and more intuitive. Or get in touch with your local Newland partner to learn more about their Newland device offering.


Translation based on the online article “Hoe terStal in tel blijft” on Retailtrends, January 16, 2020.