HR52 retail

Introducing next-level accuracy and speed: Newland’s HR52 Bonito

As the newest series of handheld scanners, the HR52 Bonito takes barcode scanning to the next level. Giving it one of the most frictionless scanning performances available, the latest additions to the Newland catalog include a megapixel barcode scanner that reads both 1D and 2D codes with ease. Barcodes that are creased, damaged or covered by cellophane are no match for this scan engine. These are Newland’s snappiest handheld scanners yet.

Taking accuracy to the next level

Previously, central aiming technology focused on the center point after taking a full photo. However, when it comes to small and high density barcodes, it was limited. Now with Newland's new technology, Acuscan, it takes the precision of central aiming one step further.

Acuscan was made specifically for labels that include many barcodes printed closely together. The new technology is able to evaluate where the center of the laser aimer hits. As a result, the device does not scan until the cross of the aimer actually touches the barcode. As one of the first devices equipped with Acuscan, the HR52 Bonito can easily distinguish the correct barcode when accuracy is key.

Ready for your industry

The HR52 Bonito series brings 3 different models to suit your needs. This includes 2 models that are perfected for the retail market and 1 that's focused on general logistics applications.

The Logistics Edition of the HR52 Bonito is a cordless version that connects via Bluetooth. Made to suit your setting, the HR52 Bonito can be mounted vertically, horizontally or strung from the ceiling for easy access. With a standard depth of field suitable for warehousing and manufacturing, the HR52 Bonito is prepared for whatever barcode is in its aim.

For the retail market, the HR52 Bonito is available in both corded and cordless versions. Designed for the POS, the HR52 Bonito can be set up for hands-free scanning to optimize your workflow. However, the most notable difference is that the Retail Edition's are perfected for scanning the DotCode barcode.

Adding to the differences, there are many features these 3 have in common. Each comes equipped with Acuscan technology, each has the same ultra-rugged housing, and each has an IP54 sealing.

Track & Trace with DotCode

As retail is evolving, the regulation of consumer goods tops the trends. At the top of that list are tobacco products. Across the EU, track and trace of tobacco with a DotCode came into effect in May 2019. The HR52 Bonito certainly accommodates the DotCode. Equipped with a shorter depth of field, the HR52 Bonito retail edition quickly scans both DotCode and Datamatrix with ease.