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How to get the right barcode scanners for FMD compliance

It's been over 8 months since the European Commission's deadline for the FMD. If you're not quite compliant yet, you're not alone. Newland took part in the Pharmacy Show in Birmingham this month to talk to pharmacies about struggles they are facing with compliance. As a proven expert on FMD barcode scanning, they guided visitors through the hardware and software that would help them on their way.

So, what is the FMD (Falsified Medicine Directive)?

The goal of the FMD regulations is to track and verify the authenticity of pharmaceuticals that are being distributed into and throughout the European Union. Most importantly, it is aimed to improve the safety of patients by decreasing the risk of receiving counterfeit or tampered with medication.

For pharmacies, it means they are required to scan 2D barcodes to verify medicines against the NMVS. For many, that translates to a need for new hardware that can read 2D barcodes.

What barcode scanners do you need for FMD compliance?

Newland is the main partner of major FMD software houses like EMIS Health, Cegedim Rx and FMD IT. They offer barcode scanners for pharmacy solutions of all shapes, sizes and budgets.

So what could FMD compliance with Newland look like? Product Manager David Craggs talks you through it.

Newland published an FMD special in the Pharmacy Show magazine issue 1/2019.

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