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From Stock to Sale with Newland’s Retail Barcode Scanners and Solutions in 2024!

Are you looking for the best scanners for your retail business? It's essential to optimize your operations and sales by using hardware that makes daily tasks easier, faster and more intuitive.

From Stock to Sale with Newland’s Retail Barcode Scanners and Solutions!

Are you looking for the best scanners for your retail business? It's essential to optimize your operations and sales by using hardware that makes daily tasks easier, faster and more intuitive.

The retail landscape is still ever-changing and customers’ demands and expectations are increasing. The key to staying adaptable to these changes is clear processes and efficient operations while ensuring full visibility of your goods and services at every step of the retail journey and creating a memorable, outstanding customer service experience.

It's a fact that retail is always evolving. With the advent of e-commerce and the fast-paced global developments, the retail landscape is changing quicker than ever. Orders come in fast from all around the world in just a few clicks.

Brands are finding ways to combine the ease of online shopping with the convenience of physical shopping to enhance customer experiences and boost sales. Click & Collect, online stock checker, and physical returns for online orders are just a few examples in which retail combines online and offline.

While the operations and processes are constantly changing to keep up with the changing retail landscape, at the heart of all operations, you still need to rely on established barcode technology to create full transparency and visibility within the process. Scanning technology allows you to track inventory accurately and provide real-time data regarding stock and sales. And as you’ve guessed– we have the scanning technology that will help you stay ahead of the game.

Newland’s barcode scanners support your business, enhance operations and improve customer experiences. Below, we outline all the scanning devices and solutions suitable for retail operations, that will make your daily tasks easier, faster, and more intuitive.


Infographic of Newland EMEA's barcode scanning solutions for retail operations.

Seeing is Knowing. Warehouse Scanning Solutions.

Our picks for inventory management and order picking: HR52 Bonito Duo, MT95 Kambur Pro, N7 Cachalot Pro II, WD4 Ring

Inventory management and order picking are crucial aspects of the retail industry, as the success of retail largely depends on the quality of goods offered. Whether your operations are based in a small backroom or a large-scale warehouse, it is important to have the best practices in place for inventory management and order picking.

A fast, accurate, and durable scanner is essential to keep up with warehouse operations. You wouldn't want to deal with scanning errors, and you'll need scanners that can withstand demanding work environments. Our collection of data capture devices for inventory management surpasses the requirements for speed, durability, and sustainability.

A great way to enhance inventory management and warehouse operations is by using one scanner to read barcodes both near and far. Newland’s Duo Near Far technology meets these needs, allowing you to increase efficiency in daily tasks and save costs.

Newland EMEA’s HR52 Bonito Duo, a handheld scanner that boasts an ergonomic design for ease of use and fatigue reduction, is the star of our inventory management handheld devices, and its Duo Near Far Technology is the perfect device for the stockroom or the warehouse.

Staying connected for instant updates from anywhere is crucial in inventory management. Our Android mobile computers make it easy to stay connected while on the go, allowing you to move seamlessly from the warehouse to the storefront and last-mile delivery.

In the warehouse, you’ll want the Android Enterprise Recommended N7 Cachalot Pro II with Duo Technology. It features a rugged design that thrives in demanding warehouse operations and offers three optional physical keyboards, in addition to the touchscreen, for added flexibility.

If you need to manage inventory across multiple locations, the MT95 Kambur Pro is the ideal device for you. Equipped with 5G and dual SIM slots, it ensures seamless connectivity and data transfer. With this device, the end user can stay connected to your technology at all times, allowing for instant data transfer.

Note: Our mobile barcode scanning devices can be easily managed through our free mobile device management software, Ndevor.

Order picking is a pain point and can become a bottleneck as orders increase and the business grows. You can speed up order picking with wearable scanners; one of our top picks is the WD4 Ring Scanner, allowing staff to scan hands-free, freeing up both hands for picking items and boxes. Its lightweight design sits comfortably around your finger while staying secure during the most demanding tasks. Pair it to a host device to store your data instantly. The WD4 Ring Scanner is the perfect solution to increase order-picking speed and multitasking on the work floor.


Managing Customer Experiences Through Self-Service Kiosks

Our picks for digital display, price checking and self-service applications: NQuire 750 Stingray II, NQuire 1000 Manta III

Equipping your staff with mobile computers will enable them to check inventory and status from anywhere, allowing them to assist customers with inquiries quickly but some customers just can’t wait – and they don’t have to. With the NQuire Micro Kiosks with touchscreens and integrated barcode scanners, customers can easily find the answers to their questions inside your shop and make purchase decisions right then and there.

The possibilities for self-service with our NQuires are endless. By scanning the barcode on a product, customers can not only check the price of the product, but also whether it is available in their size, a different color, or in a different shop. They can even purchase it online and have it delivered to them if they so choose. Since customers don't like to be disappointed, timing is key. Don't miss out on sales and provide a full self-service experience for your customers to increase their satisfaction and your business.


Scanning the Transaction in Two Steps: Beep & Cha-Ching

Our picks for assisted checkout and point of sale units: HR32 Marlin BT, HR52 Bonito, FR80 Salmon, FR40 Koi

The checkout process is a critical step in the retail journey, and it is important to keep customers happy and minimize wait times. After all, customers with full shopping carts are eager to get back to their cars and enjoy their new purchases. Having the right hardware at the cashier checkout can make a significant difference in ensuring a smooth and fast transaction. To assist customers quickly and keep wait lines short, you will need a scanner that can accurately and rapidly read barcodes.

The HR32 Marlin BT is the perfect handheld scanner for scanning items of any size or when shop employees must get up from the desk to scan. Thanks to its strong Bluetooth connection, it can achieve communication up to fifty meters and it’ll save you on unwanted cable management and clutter.

If you need a high-performance scanner, we suggest using the HR52 Bonito. It comes in both corded and Bluetooth versions. This handheld scanner is perfect for retail scanning applications and can read barcodes that are creased, damaged, or covered by cellophane. You can easily adjust it to your shop by setting it up for hands-free scanning with the stand.

If you’re not in need of handheld scanners, then consider upgrading your POS desk with our presentation scanners. These barcode scanners fit on any desk with their modern design. The FR80 Salmon is a customer-facing solution for POS units and scans barcodes quickly to reduce wait lines. It can easily be installed using plug-and-play and is perfect for assisted or self-checkout.

Consider using the FR40 Koi as an all-purpose scanner for your POS checkout counters. This scanner can quickly read complex codes, making it an ideal tool for scanning loyalty cards and coupons with ease. By integrating the FR40 Koi into your checkout solution, you can enable your customers to scan their loyalty cards and coupons from paper or directly from your shopping app. This will help connect their purchases with their account and collect valuable data, taking your retail operations to the next level.


Self-checkout for the DIY’ers

Our picks for self-check-out: FM80 Salmon, NQuire 1500 Mobula II, FM3080 Hind

Next to assisted checkout, self-checkout is now also a key part of retail to optimize customer flow and resources. It frees up time for staff members to execute other tasks at hand, like shop maintenance, stock management, and customer service.

The embeddable version, the FM80 Salmon can easily be embedded into self-checkout systems and POS units. It features a large scan window and a high motion tolerance of 3.5 m/s for quick and accurate scanning. Keeping the customer in mind, it also features an anti-glare design and soft illumination.

To enhance the user experience for customers, you can integrate your solutions with the NQuire 1500 Mobula II. This device is an Android touchscreen with a built-in barcode scanner, making it an ideal option for multiple self-service applications such as check-out, price-checking, and customer assistance.

To prevent theft and misuse of self-checkout areas, access control points can be installed with the FM3080 Hind fixed-mount barcode scanner. The stationary scanner is easily embedded into turnstiles or other access control hardware. Customers can easily scan their receipts, whether paper or digital, to exit the shop through the turnstiles. We know it works – it’s been done before at GymNation!


Keep them Coming: Customer Retention & Loyalty

Our pick for customer retention and loyalty card scanning: FR27 Urchin

The customer experience doesn't just end with the scanning of products. It's essential to keep them coming back and establish a connection with your brand through loyalty programs. To make the process of scanning all your members' cards more manageable and quicker, we suggest using the FR27 Urchin. This device can scan codes on paper, plastic, and metal cards, as well as barcodes on mobile phones, allowing you to create a crucial connection with your customers and improve their shopping experience.


Out and About: Scanning for Click & Collect and Home Delivery

Our picks for Click & Collect: Nwear Wearable Scanners, WD1 Watch Scanner, WD3 Badge Scanner, WD4 Ring Scanner

Click and collect combines the ease of online shopping with the added flexibility of customers being able to pick up their purchases at their own convenience, usually only a few hours after ordering. As these items are quickly gathered from in-store backrooms, it will speed up the order picking if both hands are always available. That’s why we recommend our Nwear by Newland wearable scanners, for swift collection of orders.

The WD1 Watch Scanner is a smartwatch that can scan both 1D and 2D barcodes. It is equipped with Android OS, dual-band WIFI, Bluetooth, and 5G connectivity. This device can be easily paired with the WD3 Badge Scanner or the WD4 Ring Scanner for more efficient scanning and faster order picking. This allows you to fulfill your promise to customers by delivering their orders in a timely manner.


We Play Nice and Work Well Together: Combining Retail Solutions

Hardware is crucial for the smooth functioning of retail operations, starting from the warehouse to checkout and turnstiles. It is essential for your hardware and software solutions to work seamlessly together. We understand the importance of a strong and adaptable tech ecosystem. Our scanners are designed to integrate effortlessly into your systems and work seamlessly with your existing solutions.

Our mobile computers are equipped with Android OS which provides complete flexibility in terms of software and application customization. With our Android Enterprise Recommended mobile computers you will always have the latest security and software updates.

On top of it all, we offer free-of-charge Mobile Device Management software. Ndevor is free of charge and helps you manage all your Newland mobile devices effortlessly from one spot. We also have multiple software solutions for finetuning and configuring our scanners, as well as pairing and connecting devices.


Back It Up: Our Warranties and Service Contracts

Our scanning solutions are built to last, and we aren’t afraid to back that up with one of the best-in-class warranties with shipment returns, malfunction and technical support. Not only are our warranty contracts longer compared to other AIDC manufacturers, but we also provide extensive support from pre- to aftersales and service contracts that add value to your operations.

As we have five Service Center locations throughout the EMEA region, we can provide local support at quick turnaround times (with the bonus of maintaining a low carbon footprint). Our (technical) support team is always within arm’s reach.

To top it all off, we also offer extensive service packages and contracts with extended warranties and normal wear and tear coverage to ensure the longevity and lifespan of your devices. Save costs on sudden device failures, reduce risks of malfunction, and keep your devices performing optimally. A comprehensive service contract also shortens your turnaround time from 10 to 5 working days.


That’s Scanning Made Simple: Reliable Retail Hardware Solutions

When it comes to retail technology solutions, there are many important factors to consider. However, having reliable devices is crucial if you want to keep track of your inventory accurately, improve sales, and enhance the customer experience. Accurate scanning provides real-time data and insights that are invaluable for making informed decisions and saving time and costs.

If you're looking for a reliable and hassle-free solution for retail scanning operations, you can count on Newland EMEA. Our team is always ready to assist you at every step of the process, keeping both your staff and shoppers in mind. We have a wide network of partners throughout the EMEA region, which means that our solutions are readily available locally.

For more retail scanners and comprehensive solutions, head over to our contact page and contact one of our local sales reps.

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