Catching Codes: Retail

We are introducing the October industry of our Catching Codes series, Retail! This month, we'll take you to different situations where you encounter Newland's products in retail.

What's there to catch?

Join us this October catching codes in Retail.

October: Retail


What kind of shopper are you?

We are also ready to return to the stores for our holiday purchases! While doing your Christmas shopping, don’t forget to catch all Newland devices; you’ll be surprised how many you find! 🎅🏻

What’s in the box? 👀

Multitask with the Nquire 800 III Opah, and you’ll never have to say no to any customer again! From checking stock to helping customers order online, this tablet is a versatile solution for any shop floor.

Are your cashiers straining to scan heavy objects? We've got you covered!

The HR52 Bonito with Bluetooth 5.0 technology gives your employees the tool to scan those bulky items that are too large to fit on the POS station. From homeware and hardware to garden centers, the HR52 Bonito helps to ease the strain on your staff and customers.

This week, we're catching codes at the grocery store 🛒

From the moment your staff is doing inventory management to your customer’s checkout and receipt checking, you can find that Newland’s devices are critical to your grocery store’s success!  

Come grocery shopping with us and count all the touchpoints.