Catching Codes: Logistics

We are introducing the latest industry of our Catching Codes series, Logistics! This month, we'll take you to different situations where you encounter Newland's products in logistics.

What's there to catch?

Join us this November catching codes in Logistics.

November: Logistics

Do you need a high-performance device for your logistics journey?

Our N7 Cachalot Pro adds processing speed, fast-roaming wireless connections, higher drop- and IP ratings, and added flexibility through a choice of 3 keyboard layouts.

Get one and start catching codes in logistics!

Learn more about the N7 Cachalot Pro here:

Did you know Newland devices are used in transportation trucking and railroad companies?

More than 1000 MT90 Orca Pro devices with our Ndevor software are used for different purposes, such as logistics, tracking car pick-up, and delivery.

Learn more about the MT90 Orca Pro here:

Join us in Catching Codes through a day in Logistics!

From order fulfillment to processing returns, Newland’s devices play a key role in your logistics journey. 

Join us through a day in logistics and catch all of Newland’s devices!

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