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Catching Codes: Back to work

Introducing the latest industry of our Catching Codes series, Back to Work! This month, we'll take you to different back to work situations where you encounter Newland's products.

What's there to catch?

Join us this September when we all get back to work.

September: Back to work


Summer is over, so it's time to go back to work!

From the moment you get your coffee on your way to work and hop on the train to a regular day in the office, Newland's devices play a crucial role in your day-to-day!
Walk with us through the back to work journey and catch all of Newland's touchpoints!

Looking for a boost of loyalty? ☕️

Pret A Manger’s monthly subscription offers customers up to five barista-made coffees daily. With 410 stores across the UK and 2,500 of our FR40 Koi presentation scanners, Pret A Manager provides the perfect scanning service for loyalty redemption. Treat yourself to a coffee with the FR40 Koi!

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Catching Codes FM3080 Hind

Back to the gym!

September is time for getting back to your routine and healthy habits, which for many, means not only back to work but also back to the gym! 🏋🏻‍♂️
Did you know Newland’s devices are perfect for gyms and sports facilities? Our FM3080 Hind stationary scanner is optimized to read barcodes from mobile devices, gym subscription apps, and loyalty cards. With four color options available, the FM3080 Hind can be easily programmed to indicate a successful read or to match your brand.

Back to work means back to events!

As employees return to the office after the summer holidays, tradeshows and conferences are in full swing.
Check-in attendees with our WD3 Badge Scanner to get through queues at record speed ☄️