HR33 Marlin Series

Building on its legacy: Newland EMEA Announces Its Latest Series, the HR33 Marlin

Newland EMEA, one of the leading companies in the AIDC industry, is proud to announce the launch of its latest product, the HR33 Marlin Series.

July 5, 2024 - Culemborg, the Netherlands -  Newland EMEA, one of the leading companies in the AIDC industry, is proud to announce the launch of its latest product, the HR33 Marlin Series. This series builds on the legacy of the HR32, which has been Newland's top handheld 2D barcode reader.

The HR33 Marlin Series is available in two versions, corded and Bluetooth. Both devices feature cutting-edge scanning and decoding technology with premium-quality designs. The laser aimer ensures accurate barcode scanning, while the megapixel sensor captures various barcodes, making them ideal for high-density workloads.

The easily removable battery on the Bluetooth version is the most significant difference between its predecessor, HR32, and the new HR33. The device features a latch-release opening design to replace the battery without interrupting daily tasks. The battery capacity offers more than 12 hours of continuous use on a single charge, and the low battery indicator is two different colors, providing a quick visual cue for when the battery needs to be changed.

The corded version can now be used with two different smart stands. One stand can be laid on a desk or mounted vertically on a desk or wall, while the other has a flexible design that adjusts to the preferred scanning distance and angle.

Newland EMEA provides personalized configuration options for both devices using advanced scripting to program intricate commands. This additional feature, available on EasySet, Newland’s master configuration software, allows for finer customization, making the HR33 Marlin series the best in its category.

Additionally, the HR33 Marlin Bluetooth scanner has a configurable mode that enables users to select real-time scanning for immediate wireless transmission or choose from two types of offline storage for later batch data sending. The scanner's memory can store thousands of codes when necessary.

“The HR33 Marlin series devices are premium scanners at a mid-range price point providing fast and accurate barcode scanning with an ergonomic design,” stated Johan Vetsuypens, Scanning Product Manager. “This series is dependable and capable of scanning all types of barcodes, including those of poor quality.”

Newland EMEA aims to make scanning easier, which is evident in its handheld scanner category. It offers a wide range of scanners suitable for various environments. In addition to the new HR33 Series, Newland EMEA provides models like the all-new HR23 Dorada Series and the NVH220 Lophius Series. These models help organizations and users transition smoothly from 1D to 2D scanning with accessible and intuitive technology.

Handheld scanners are among Newland EMEA's first products and bring great pride to the company. While the latest handheld scanner models have new names and identities, the HR23 Dorada and now the HR33 Marlin carry on their legacies by updating the devices to meet market and user demands.

Newland EMEA continues to evaluate and answer market demand with innovative technology, offering solutions that make everyday tasks easier, faster, and more intuitive.


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