Small yet powerful: the new FR27 Urchin presentation scanner

Small yet powerful: the new FR27 Urchin presentation scanner

In a world where less is more, we are proud to present Newland’s smallest presentation scanner yet: the FR27 Urchin. A large scanning window and powerful motion sensor are now jam-packed in a small & sleek design, fit to enhance your countertop style. Ready to plug into your POS system, the FR27 Urchin just made your self-service scanning a breeze!

Armed for self-service scanning

The FR27 Urchin is specifically designed to help you take control of the self scanning journey. Featuring a shallow depth of field (DOF) with a wide field of view (FOV), the Urchin is armed to read barcodes of all shapes and sizes, no matter their proximity or angle. All coming at an outstanding 2.7m per second motion tolerance for more scanning speed than ever before. This way, the journey in self scanning remains consistent and efficient for a wide array of barcodes.

Powerful scanning both on-screen & off-screen

Although the vast majority of self-service scanning happens from phone screens, the FR27 Urchin seamlessly copes with printed codes just as easy. It maintains top performance with all types of 1D and 2D codes presented on paper, metal and plastic surfaces. Even when creased or curved. Additionally, the Urchin is equipped with a green LED to confirm a successful scan. This helps both you and your customers confidently tackle all barcodes without a glitch.

Ready, set, go!

The FR27 Urchin packs its scanning power into a small & sleek design, fit to enhance any customer-facing environment. Whether you are looking for a countertop center piece in your cafe or in need of a ticketing superstar. Mindful of its wide array of applications, the FR27 Urchin’s design supports several display styles. With the possibility to be mounted horizontally, vertically and manipulate the cable, the FR27 Urchin can be installed to blend into its environment. All that remains is to plug in its USB cable and get ready to play!

Find out more about Newland’s smallest presentation scanner here or get in touch with your local partner.